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10 Reasons to Write Virtual Love Notes

Expressing your deepest feelings of affection does not always come easy and some people may find it more difficult than others. It is not only about finding the proper words to describe the way we feel about a certain person, but also about being able to deliver our speech fluently. 

This is why love notes can be a great, not to mention romantic, tool couples can use to communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Letters have particular qualities that none of the latest forms of communication can replicate. They tell stories and they allow the writer to unfold. Love letters sent to a partner are clear statements of one’s feelings, accounts of the relationship that will be treasured forever. 

At the end of the day, a heartfelt, thoughtful love letter, or even virtual love notes, conveys affection and closeness in ways that no texts, posts or tweets will ever can.

There are many occasions when you can surprise your loved one with a romantic note or letter. Whether it is your anniversary or you were just thinking about your partner, it is always a good time to share your thoughts in the form of love letters for him or her. 

Getting started might be the toughest part, but practice will make the entire process a lot easier. You just need to sit down, take your time and think about everything you would like to tell your significant other. 

Writing love letters comes naturally for people who are in touch with their feelings and have no problem expressing them. For the others, we put together several tips common to all types of love notes, as well as particular advice for every moment they might consider such a gesture.

  1. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable

The first step is to expose yourself, to open your soul. That should not be weird, just try to imagine how your partner would feel about and respond to your honesty.

  1. Adapt your love letters to the occasion

Before actually writing the letter, decide why you are writing it. Perhaps you just miss your beloved and you want to tell them that or maybe you wish to send a special message on an equally special event, such as your anniversary or their birthday. Knowing the reason is of great use to shaping up the body of the love note.

  1. Make a list of your partner’s most lovable features

For authentic love letters, write down why you love your partner and be specific. Well-written love notes for her or him include details that only the two of you know. For instance, instead of “I love your smile” say something like “ I love the dimples you get every time you smile”.

  1. Keep things romantic

Your could slip a spicy ingredient or two into your love note, but don’t make it all about sex. Mention other relevant wishes alongside the sensual segments.

  1. Take your time

Take as much time as you need to put your thoughts in order. Writing drafts is also helpful in organizing your ideas to make sure your message gets through.

  1. Turn to the classics for inspiration

If you lack inspiration, you are welcome to browse through classic romantic literature to get in the writing mode. There are possibly thousands of letters from famous characters, real or imaginary, to their great love that can help you get started.  

It is nice to enjoy little love reminders from time to time, for no obvious reason, especially in long distance relationships. However, here are some occasions that may inspire you to offer a written, although virtual, statement of your love.

1. “I Miss You” Love Notes

Couples share a distinctive history, unforgettable moments of their own. So whenever the longing for your loved one overwhelms you, try and put that down. Start a love letter with a memory and then let your partner know how much you miss them.

You could end your “I miss you” love notes for him or her with little promises about how you are going to spoil them next time you are together, for instance. A promise is a  personal touch that will most definitely flatter the receiver. 

2. Love Notes of Appreciation

Most people appreciate their partners, but not all of them share this. It is hard to feel valued and respected when your half is miles away. 

Therefore, take your time to tell your beloved how they changed your life for the better. Write about what it means to have them in your life and let them know they meet all your needs. Don’t forget to stress the small things your partner does that you love so much.

3. Send Love Letters to Compliment Your Partner

Similar to the previous reason, wanting to compliment your significant other is a good enough basis to write a letter. Only this time, focus solely on them and list all the qualities you love about them. 

Look beyond their physical attributes, at their character traits. Give emphasis to their positive, attractive features. Last, but not least, explain how they inspire you. 

4. Notes for a New Love

Stating your feelings at the beginning of a relationship could be overwhelming and discouraging, as you can not be sure whether they are shared or not. It might however be easier to write about your new emotions.

You should start by describing your excitement every time you see them. Explain, in your own words, how happy talking to them makes you. If you are brave, imagine a future for your relationship. Write about fun virtual dates you could enjoy together or the restaurants you would like to take them to when you could finally meet in person.

5. “Thinking of You” Notes

Sometimes you just want your remote partner to know you are thinking about them. What better way to do that than in writing? For an efficient“Thinking of You” note, talk about how you feel when you are together and then apart. 

You can get creative in saying you love them and enjoy being with them and give reasons to support your assertions. Think of inside jokes, as they are intimate recollections of your relationship which will surely make your soulmate smile.

6. Love Notes for Your Anniversary

For long distance couples, anniversaries are a constant challenge. Surprise your half with a beautiful love letter where you renew your commitment to them and to your connection. 

You can take this opportunity to show how your love has grown and to relive emotional milestones of your relationship. Reminiscing can be good for both of you and it can make you feel closer, even when you are miles apart.

7. Valentine’s Day Romantic Letters

Love notes for Valentine’s Day is an old tradition, but you can still dazzle your partner with its content. First of all, try to come up with an original way to say you love them.

In addition, your Valentine’s Day note doesn’t have to be mushy if that’s not your style. It can be funny, silly, filled with inside jokes, whatever you and your partner feel comfortable with.

8. Birthday Love Notes

When writing a birthday note for your special one, you should try to highlight their impact on your life. Try to remind them that they are appreciated and respected not only by you, but also by many people in their lives.

For long lasting, long distance relationships, you could point out all the obstacles you overcame as a couple. You could also refer to what attracted you to your partner in the first place, what made you build a relationship with them and how you see your future together.

9. Special Cards for the Holidays

Holidays are “the most wonderful time of the year”, which makes spending them alone even harder. Instead of the usual card, consider drawing up and sending a virtual love letter to your beloved. To eliminate confusion, make an opening statement to announce its purpose. You want your partner to know right from the start that they are reading a love letter and not a regular Christmas card.

Then transition smoothly to how much fun you always have with them this time of the year. Change the conventional greetings to how much you would enjoy spending the holidays together.

10. Just Because…

Most times you don’t even need a reason to cheer your long distance partner up with a love letter written from the bottom of your heart. Simply reflect on the message you want to send and how you wish the recipient to feel. In other words, be considerate when you write.

Successful love letters will have a great effect on the receiver, making them feel cared for, loved, wanted and of great significance to the sender. As you write, try to imagine how your partner will react to your words.

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