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30 At Home Date Night Ideas That Are Actually Fun

You don't need to go out of your way or spend a lot to enjoy a fun and exciting night.

At home dates could be just as good and sometimes better than busy restaurants and crowded, loud bars. Since the purpose of a date is for couples to spend quality time together, the comfort and privacy of their homes could set the right mood for a romantic encounter.

The effort of creating a special evening at home can be a reminder of how important your relationship is to you both. Just because you’re not leaving the house does not stop you from considering at home date night ideas beyond binging Netflix and ordering takeout. Mixing up your romance routine could help you and your significant other connect by sharing pleasant, stimulating and adventurous moments. 

Whether you are in a long distance relationship or unable to leave the house or simply looking for cheap date night ideas at home, you may check out the following list. We have put together 30 creative ideas for great indoor activities that might inspire you.

  1. Have a  dance party

Why not have a party right there, in the living room? Create your own playlist of favorite or meaningful tunes and dance all night long with your partner. You could also live stream concerts or DJ sets and let the music surprise you. 

  1. Turn your home into a spa 

Indulge yourselves with a spa date. Gather body lotions, face masks, massage oils and any other beauty products you may have kept for special events and enjoy a relaxing evening. You could even give each other massages, which has proven to be an intimate experience that brings partners closer. 

  1. Recreate your first or your most memorable date

Relive wonderful moments by planning the at home version of your favorite date. You could order takeout from the restaurant where you had your first date or prepare the coffees you were drinking when you met. And you could even listen to the music that was playing at the bar where you began flirting with each other.

  1. Have breakfast in bed

Spend a late morning in bed and take pleasure in a generous breakfast with all your preferred treats. Just cuddle up and solve the crossword together or watch a morning show. This is an excellent date for long distance couples as well, since they can wake up together and take part in the morning routine over video call.

  1. Make it a theme date

Pick out a theme for your date at home and plan everything you do around it. For instance, if you choose a French theme, you could have foie gras and quiches for dinner and go on a virtual tour of the Louvre museum afterwards.

  1. Engage in role play

Role playing can be a fun way to spend an evening in. It allows couples to reveal their creative side and experience different impromptu situations. This type of date can really improve communication and enhance intimacy within a relationship.

  1. Go on a virtual date

If you ever get tired of the same date night ideas at home, you could try the amazing world of virtual dating. Whether you are planning to meet your remote partner or you merely want to try something new and exciting from the comfort of your home, virtual dates could be your answer.

  1. Play games together

Have lots of fun on your date and allow yourself to be a child again by playing games. From a simple cards game to board strategies or even video competitions, they will guarantee a most entertaining night in. This is ideal for LDR couples, as many of the games could be easily played online.

  1. Test your skills at mini golf

Set up a mini golf trail at home by using the materials at hand, like cardboard for ramps and plastic cups for the holes. And the part where you design and build the course will be just as exciting as playing it. 

  1. Get competitive with a match of paintball 

This can be one of the most stimulating date night at home ideas, especially for men. Just put on white T-shirts, get a couple of paint guns and let the fun begin. It could be less messy though if you take the “fight” outside, in the backyard or on a terrace.

  1. Take your chances on Casino Night

You can host a Casino Night for two, in real life or via a screen and try your luck playing poker, blackjack or the roulette. If you are not comfortable gambling actual money, you could bet on house chores or favors, such as massages or bringing breakfast to bed.

  1. Have a slumber party 

Since you are at home, make yourself cozy, slip into your pyjamas and have a good laugh playing Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare or Would You Rather. These silly games could lead to deep conversations and are suitable even for partners who are miles and miles away from one another.

  1. Try to break a record

If you are both ambitious and competitive, spend your date browsing the Guinness Book of World Records and trying to break one of those. You can work together, as a team or turn it into a friendly contest and challenge each other.

  1. Find a new shared hobby 

Thanks to so many online tutorials, kits and how-to books available, learning a new skill together could make a creative and original date. Discovering new common interests, like painting, woodworking or pottery is an interesting way to get to know each other better and a refreshing idea for a virtual date.

  1. Redecorate your house together

Successful relationships have a strong sense of “us”, “we” and require teamwork. Therefore, dates that include home improvement tasks, like rearranging a living space or redecorating a room can help a couple learn to communicate and compromise. Plus, they are fun and the house will look so much better.

  1. Start a crafting project

Crafting as a hobby has plenty of benefits, so a date night that lets you work and create something together could be a good idea. It can help couples relax, talk, laugh and complete each other while finishing an artsy project.

  1. Grow a garden

Make an addition to your house or yard by planting flowers or fruit-bearing plants. This is a soothing, yet intimate way to spend quality time with your beloved and it is the kind of date accessible to people in long distance relationships too.

  1. Enjoy stargazing in your own backyard 

This type of activity, perfect for both in-person and virtual dates, can be an excellent way to take a break from your busy life. Looking up at the vast universe, you might change perspectives and accept and appreciate your relationship more.

  1. Spend a romantic night around the fire

Not many dates are more romantic than enjoying a tasty dinner and a good wine in front of a cozy fire. If the sky is clear, you could even light a fire outside and roast marshmallows.

  1.  Go camping in the comfort of your home

Should the weather allow it, you can experience the excitement of a camping trip in your own backyard. Or you could set up a tent indoors, to keep yourselves warm and comfy.

  1. Plan your next vacation

People in LDRs are always looking forward to the upcoming visit, to those rare moments when they are actually next to one another. So why not plan a prospective vacation and make a date out of it? It will be exciting to search interesting destinations and establish possible itineraries.

  1. Turn the sexy mood on

Have a romantic dinner under the candlelight and relax in a bubble bath afterwards. Finish the night with a sexy lingerie and surprise your partner with a new bedroom routine. 

  1. Enjoy a classic movie you’ve never watched before

Choose a classic movie you have always wanted to watch, but never got around to it. You could also match your outfits and snack selection to its topic. This date is ideal for remote couples, since there are multiple digital platforms that allow users to watch movies together online.

  1.  Make your own pizzas 

Making pizzas at home can be the recipe for the perfect dinner date. You can have a lot of fun creating your own pizza and mixing up your favorite toppings.

  1. Relish a dessert night

Enjoy a “sweet” night and each other’s company preparing together your favorite desserts. You can either work as a team or have a friendly bake-off.

  1. Work out together 

Working out is a great pastime, especially if you are both into being fit and having a healthy lifestyle. Long distance couples who would like to share this activity can sign up for yoga or fitness online classes.

  1. Create a personalized art wall

You can create your very own relationship exhibit by printing out your favorite photos and displaying them with other significant mementos of your story. 

  1.  Design your at-home “bookstore”

Perhaps one of the most appealing at home date night ideas is to recreate a modern bookstore, where you can browse celebrity magazines and sip a foamy latte. 

  1.  Devise a “date night” jar

This can actually help couples plan many more other date nights. They fill a container decorated by themselves with fun, original, creative ideas they have always wanted to try. And all they have to do for the next rendezvous is to pick up a note from “the date jar”.

  1.  Solve a puzzle together

Building a puzzle together, either side by side or via a screen is an engaging activity that stimulates conversation. If possible, choose a puzzle you can complete in one date, particularly for the online versions.

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