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10 Benefits Of Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships (LDRs) have become quite the thing in recent years. Couples separated for different reasons, like job opportunities or family duties, choose to stay together and to make their relationship work in spite of the distance.

So many people focus on the negative side of LDRs, that we almost forget what an incredible experience they could be. Having a partner that is away from you most of the time teaches you new, creative ways to love and to create a bond. The distance is a perpetual test of your relationship and it makes you well aware of your priorities. Remote couples build stronger and more intimate connections, as they gain a fresh perspective of what is important in life. Unlike geographically close couples, they learn to appreciate the small things that make them happy, like surprise gifts or hearing each other’s voice.

Although remote connections can be a little restrictive and require getting used to, there are several benefits of long distance relationships that make it worthwhile.

1. Partners experience individual growth 

A long distance relationship allows you to discover more about your own person, who you are, who you want to be. Not living together with your beloved gives you plenty of moments to visualize your dreams and your goals. Moreover, you need to face the challenges of such a connection and to learn how to make the distance work. All these will teach you how to respond to difficulties and help you improve and grow as a person, which will eventually benefit your relationship.

2. Couples develop a stronger emotional bond

One of the greatest benefits of long distance relationships is that they build and nourish bonds more profound and more meaningful than simple physical attachments. The scarce in person meetings are successfully substituted by deep conversations and by real intimacy between remote partners.

LDRs encourage communication and trust reinforcement, two features vital to any healthy and enduring relationship. Couples compensate for the lack of physical closeness by devoting more time and effort to their emotional interactions. 

3. You get more time for yourself in LDRs

Being away from your loved one for longer periods of time means you get to spend more time on your own, doing something you love. You can pursue old hobbies or try new activities, such as signing up for different online classes or expand your horizon by learning a foreign language. Having so much more spare time is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and relax more.

In addition, living separately from your partner is takes away a lot of the stress of having to take care or attend to the needs of another person in the house.

4. You are less annoyed by your partner 

People who are in a long distance relationship tend to see the big picture instead of focusing on the little, annoying things. They won’t be bothered by all the socks lying around the house or by the empty milk box left in the fridge simply because they don’t see those. As a result, there will be less fights and fewer never ending discussions about the proper place of the household items.

5. You spend less time with family members you don’t like

If you are in a geographically close relationship, more than often you are forced to spend time with your partner’s family that you are actually not very fond of. In LDRs, the interactions between you and your in-laws will decrease significantly. Most of the time you and your beloved meet will be just for the two of you.

6. Long distance relationships allow more flexibility

Another advantage of the distance is that it enables both partners to be much more flexible compared to a traditional relationship. You can alter your plans whenever and however you may like, without checking in with your significant other. You are the sole master of your time and you may use it anyway you find appropriate. Flexibility is a specific feature of long distance romances, considering how difficult it may be to work around two schedules and perhaps two time zones.

7. You get to enjoy a new experience

Long distance relationships can be a thrilling fresh experience. It can start of as a demanding adventure and you might feel like you are bound to live in two distant places at once. But you will soon discover you embarked on a fun, stimulating and highly rewarding journey at the end of which you will have lots of lovely memories.

8. You improve your planning skills

A long distance affair is all about planning. Having to plan for important moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, surprise gifts and visits can turn you into a true professional. Buying a last minute present is no longer an option, you need to make sure your carefully chosen token of love reaches your partner on time. 

If you want to make your LDR work, you have no choice but to be organized. There are so many events you need to keep track of, numerous video calls to schedule, long-expected visits to organize, tickets to book and the list could go on forever.

9. Both partners are equally involved

In a conventional relationship, there is often an imbalance in terms of partners’ involvement. As years go by and a certain routine sets, they can easily take each other for granted. That risk is almost non-existent in long distance relationships, seeing that their success depends entirely on regular effective communication and the same high level of commitment from both participants.

10. There is always something to look forward to

During LDRs you always look forward to one chapter or another, whether it is your first meeting in person, your next visit, the upcoming vacation or finally closing the gap. There is the following step to plan, one more goal to work towards that get you all excited. The anticipation they create can bring you joy and help you with the separation.

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