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Best Gifts For Long Distance Couples

Relationships take a lot of work, but when you add distance to the equation, things just get more complicated. There are a lot of challenges that couples in long distance relationships face, and one of them is spending holidays apart. 

There are plenty of options when looking for a gift for your significant other who lives far away.  You can go with the classic clothing items, whether you choose something flattering or a funny holiday product. Other inspired alternatives are hobby-related presents or the ones that show common interests.

However, certain gifts are more suitable to meet the unique challenges of spending Christmas miles away from your loved one. 

We put together a list of gifts for long distance couples that will hopefully spike your interest and remind you and your partner of the strong feelings you share. Whether it’s for the holidays or for a special occasion, the following items are thoughtful ways of being there for each other, without actually being side by side.

1. 3D card

A greeting card, although an old-fashioned idea, will definitely be a pleasant surprise for your partner. Imagine the smile on their face when they find your colorful, 3d card in their mail. It is a charming way to write down your thoughts and wishes for this magical time of the year. 

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2. Customized Christmas tree ornaments

If you’re shopping for Christmas, then tree ornaments with imprinted photos or something of meaning to partners, such as maps or coordinates of their locations can make lovely gifts for long distance couples.

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3. Picture blanket

What better way to fight the cold of the winter holidays than tucked under a soft blanket, covered with all your favorite couple pictures? Now you can design photo blankets for your beloved one, so they can enjoy reminiscing and stay warm at the same time.

Buy it here.

4. Weighted blanket 

A weighted blanket is the closest thing to your replacement and it will give your partner the comfort of a hug. The heavy pressure makes a person feel protected and embraced, so it has a comforting effect. It is also really helpful for a good night sleep, as its weight gives you the feeling you are not alone.

Buy it here.

5. Matching coffee mugs

Each morning, as you start your day with a much needed cup of coffee, you realize you have someone who cares for you. Couples mugs are adorable reminders of the special person who loves you, no matter the distance. 

Buy it here.

6. 100 movies scratch off poster

You wouldn’t have to waste any more time picking what movie to watch during date night if you use this scratch-off poster. It can be a nice, low budget present if you go for classic movies or your partner’s favorites.

Buy it here.

7. Personalized sound wave song 

You can send your loved one a record of you singing a romantic song or a heartfelt message using personalized sound wave art. This is a process whereby sound waves are  printed on acrylic, clear glass plaque. You can add a photo of you two as a couple as well.

Buy it here.

8. Customized calendar planner

In spite of it being a practical gift rather than a romantic one, a calendar with pictures taken over the years is a special testimony of how good it feels to be together. You can even match the months from the calendar with the months the photos were taken.

You can turn this present into a special one if you mark down all the dates you will be meeting each other over the next year.

Buy it here.

9. Fill-your-own advent calendar

You can replace the anxiety and impatience with which you wait for your next encounter with a fun activity, by creating your own Advent Calendar. You get to fill it up with exciting, little surprises that your partner will be thrilled to discover every day.

Buy it here.

Here is a great idea for coffee enthusiasts if you’re shopping for holiday gifts, a limited edition of holiday blends, with two options: whole bean or freshly ground.

10. Magic box - personalized candle box and lantern

Magic Box is a custom made wooden candle holder that can project messages on a wall. 

It is a thoughtful way to bring a little light into your partner’s life whenever you are not together. The displayed message can be personalized, so you get to be as emotional as you need to. Every time your better half misses you, all they have to do is light up a candle and your words will overcome the distance.

Buy it here.

11. Lovebox Messenger

The most adorable messenger is one of the best gifts for long distance couples too. This device comes with an app where you load your messages for the special person in your life. When you send a message, the heart on the box starts spinning, announcing the new “love note”. 

Your partner can respond by simply rotating the heart, which leads to a heart invasion on your screen.

There are two other versions available: Black & White, able to display emojis and Color & Photo, where you can upload photos instead of messages.

Buy it here.

12. Love lamps

These lamps sold in pairs are extremely easy to use and store. You can place one of them anywhere around the house and send the other to your soulmate. Whenever one of you touches their lamp, both of them light up in one of seven colours, allowing you to stay connected, no matter how far apart you may be. 

It is a sensitive reminder that somewhere in the world, someone is thinking about you.

The lamps use an app that works with both iOS and Android and that provides several features, like changing the colour or setting dimming times.

Buy it here.

13. Messages in a bottle

A lot more romantic than the usual SMS, these little capsules filled with messages are the perfect love dose couples can enjoy each day they spend separated. Anything can be written or drawn on the blank pieces of paper inside the pills, as long as it can ease the pain of being apart from the person you love.

Buy it here.

14. A book made out of your photos, emails and texts

Have you ever wondered if there is a storyline to all the texts and emails you and your partner exchanged during your relationship? If you believe they do, you now have the chance to turn your dialogue into a book and offer it as a gift your significant other can value forever.

Another option you have is to create and make a present of a photo book that contains some of the most beautiful memories of your life together. As the holidays are just around the corner, you could consider a collection of the best moments from the previous winter holidays you spent together. 

Buy it here.

15. Storytelling mail art

Tellinga is an online platform that transforms successful love stories into graphic art.

The process is quite simple: you upload a photo of your couple, describe in a few words the moment(s) you want pictured in the storybook or card and then wait. The final product will be mailed to you, both via post office and email.

Buy it here.

16. Love coupons

Similar to storybooks, a coupon booklet is designed by professionals in the field, but with a greater involvement from you, from characters to front and back covers. You get to create exciting, romantic love coupons and use your signature style on each page.

There are numerous options perfectly suited for long distance couples, such as virtual movie dates, intimate online dates or care package offers.

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17. Letters to Open When…

If you’re looking for emotional gifts for couples, then you can’t miss the mark with this sappy gift that will surely tug at your heart strings. Letters come with prompts and can be sealed into the book.

There is no limit to the ideas of what you can write and share, from lovesick letters to pep talks to motivational quotes.

Buy it here.

18. Outdoor activities passes

You may not be able to spend time outdoors as much as you used to, but this doesn’t mean you can’t plan something for your partner. You can get them annual passes for some of the most beautiful national parks that could be also used by both of you. Thus, you have something to look forward to in the near future. 

Buy it here.

Although not very romantic, there are a number of TECH items who would make ideal gifts for long distance couples.

19. Digital photo frame

You can now send your loved ones real-time smiles. Digital photo frames have been on the market for a while now, but Skylight is a touch-screen frame that can be controlled through your email. You can change the photo your partner sees from your email, as often as you wish.

Buy it here.

20. Digital and printed artwork

A romantic gift, a star map of a significant moment (the night you met, the day you first kissed) is a custom made digital artwork of great impact. You can send either a printed version or the digital one to your partner, as the latter can accompany them wherever they are.

Buy it here.

You can also choose from a wide range of wall art items, such as photographs, sketches, maps or any other prints that has a special meaning to your relationship and brings joy to both of you.

Buy it here.

One of our favorites is this custimizable artwork that includes your locations, names, and ties them together in a cute piece of wall art.

But it here.

21. LDR dual zone watch

Don’t you ever get tired trying to figure out what time it is for your partner, wondering if it is too late or too early to call? There is the perfect solution for this, which could also be a considerate gift for your significant other, the dual time zone watch.

Some of the designs are elegant, so they can be easily fitted with your wardrobe and they have the advantage of allowing you to set two time zones, yours and your partner’s. 

Buy it here.

22. Bond touch bracelets

These bracelets come in pairs, one for each member of the couple. Whenever one of you two touches it, the other one feels it, too, no matter how far away they are. It’s a touching reminder that your partner is thinking about you and an easy way to communicate, in spite of the distance. 

One tap on one of the bracelets and the paired one vibrates and lights up. Bond Touch Bracelets are rechargeable and use an equivalent app. 

Buy it here.

23. A high definition Pro Stream Webcam

Let’s face it, date time is now FaceTime or any other video calling app. A high quality camera will improve your virtual dates and make couples feel closer.

Buy it here.

24. Moft Z 5-in-1 laptop stand

Nowadays we spend most of our time in front of a screen, laptop, iPad or phone. This laptop stand folds into five different positions to make you feel more comfortable in front of it, during those long date nights. It is compatible with most laptops and it is available in three colours.

Buy it here.

GAMES always make great gifts for long distance couples, because they are fun, captivating, they encourage communication and thus bring people closer together.

25. Couple Reconnect Game

This contains conversation cards for couples meant to start deep talks about 15 significant life areas, like social and spiritual life, love, aspirations etc. The game is built on psychological methods applied in couples counseling.

It comes in a stylish package, ready to be offered to your loved one.  

Buy it here.

26. The Quiz Book for Couples

The Quiz Book is an amazing gift, specially for the holidays, because it allows partners to enjoy quality time together, while taking part in a healthy competition.

The book is divided into different sections with questions regarding certain aspects of the relationship. The players answer individually and then they compare their answers. 

The person who got most of the questions right wins and the other person grants them a reward. It is both a fun and a revealing activity, where you can learn so much more about yourself and your partner.

Buy it here.

27. The Jackbox Party Pack 6

If you prefer to stay digital, the Jackbox Party Pack comes highly recommended. It includes five games that long distance couples can enjoy, such as Trivia Murder Party and Dictionarium. 

Buy it here.

Last, but not least, what makes people feel more like home than CARE PACKAGES? Sending your significant other their favourite holiday meals or care products is a thoughtful way to say you wish you were there, with them.

28. Holiday home spa package

Pamper your partner with a luxurious package filled with everything they need for a soothing night in. With these wonderful products, scented oils and candles, bath salts, they will think of you every time they turn the bathroom into a home spa. 

Buy it here.

29. Gourmet basket

Sweets have always been the universal language of love and holidays, too. So what gift would be better than a rainbow chocolate wheel or an assorted basket to show the beloved one you want their holidays to be joyful?

The Chocolate Wheel has 56 squares of premium Belgium chocolate and the packages can be customized. You can write little messages on each and every one of those chocolate wraps that your partner will relish whenever they feel like something sweet.

Buy it here.

30. Have their favorite holiday food delivered

The possibility of food delivery has definitely enriched our lives and especially those of long distance couples. There are all kinds of apps, Uber Eats or DoorDash, for instance, that enable you to have food delivered to other persons, not just order for yourself.

For the holidays, in order to soften the blow of not spending them together, you can send your partner their favorite meal. Plus, you could order the same and turn it into a date, where you share a meal together, even if it is on FaceTime.

Order here.

For long distance relationships, holidays and anniversaries are especially difficult times, when partners miss each other the most. No gift, no matter how thoughtful or sweet it is, will ever be able to replace your being there, next to your partner. It will, however, be a proof of your honest, deep feelings and for that reason, it can bring a little sunshine during those days when everybody longs to be with their loved ones.

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