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20 Care Package Ideas For Couples

A care package is a personalized selection of treats and pamper items, thoughtfully put together in a smart, lovely wrapping. It could include a variety of articles, from snacks and games to beauty products and gift certificates. Care packages are sent to people we care for to celebrate joyous occasions, to surprise them or to simply let them know we miss and think about them.

A carefully chosen care package, accompanied by a heartfelt handwritten note is one of the most considerate gifts for your loved one, especially in long distance relationships. It is a statement of love and support that could make anybody feel special and appreciated.

Lately, sending a care package has become a simpler and faster process, since there are several online services to help out with the assembling of your selection, as well as with its shipping. Next, you may find a list of 20 fun care package ideas to surprise your partner, only one click away.

  1. The popular snack box

This is a premium quality assortment of healthy snacks, the perfect pick me up for every day. The natural ingredients of the tasty products can boost the recipient’s energy, which makes it a great gift to send your significant other during a busy week or an important project.

Buy it here.

  1. Self care packages

These types of boxes are filled with items particularly designed for a person’s both physical and mental wellness. They include a therapeutic activity and care products to reduce your stress and allow you to relax and take a break from everything.

Buy it here.

  1. Bath and body gift box

This care package provides a great opportunity to spoil that special someone in your life. The high quality, natural products will turn a daily activity into a refreshing experience and a moment of pampering.

Buy it here.

  1. Premium spa package

Relax and decompress with luxurious spa and skincare products, wonderfully wrapped in a vintage tub. This spa box could be a thoughtful gift for your beloved, but also a great idea for a date night, should you get a matching set.

Buy it here.

  1. Chocolate gift box

Anyone with a sweet tooth would definitely appreciate a box of handmade chocolates, delivered with personalized messages. Sweets have always been a comfort food, therefore a chocolate hamper or bouquet could help its recipient deal with the sorrow and longing common in LDRs.

Buy it here.

  1. Unwind and recharge package

Enjoy the soothing power of simple pleasures with these essential items that address both body and mind. One of the stimulating care package ideas, this box is an excellent option for someone who needs to take a moment for themselves.

Buy it here.

  1. Movie night care package

Movie night is quite a regular date for couples in long distance relationships and this ultimate snack box could make their time together even more enjoyable. It comes packed with treats that will make any home cinema experience as real as a movie theater.

Buy it here.

  1. Birthday gift box

If you cannot be there for your partner on their special day, the least you could do is send them a box of birthday wishes. This care package has the sole purpose of helping the person of the hour have fun and spoil themselves. 

Buy it here.

  1. Sips and snacks box

A care package that combines the passions for eating and drinking provides the experience of a wine trip in the comfort of your home. It has a fine wine selection and just the right complementary snacks.

Buy it here.

  1. California wine mixer

It is the ideal gift for wine connoisseurs, who can enjoy a tasting of flavorful California wines. The sampling of the large white and red selection could also turn into a very pleasant virtual date for remote couples.  

Buy it here.

  1. Happy Hour box

Happy hours are more than meeting for drinks, they are about having a good time by connecting to the other person. The perfect box for a Zoom date includes a cocktail kit, delicious snacks and something to get the party started, such as icebreaker cards.

Buy it here.

  1. Cocktail gift set

You can surprise your loved one with a customized cocktail set that includes their prefered liquors. Every package comes with tools, ingredients and glassware that will provide a fun and exciting mixology experience for the recipient. 

Buy it here.

  1. Snack and coffee box

Send a care package of energizing, tasty snacks and an invigorating coffee blend to help your partner get through busy days at work. Thus, you show your support and they will think of you every time they have a snack or a cup of coffee.

All the boxes are customizable and contain a handwritten note.

Buy it here.

  1.  Mixed coffee care package 

A roasted coffee assortment is an inspired care package idea for the caffeine lover in your life. They can enjoy three original flavors every month and start each day on a positive note.

Buy it here.

  1. Culture cakes kit

The Culture cakes kit allows you to go on a dessert world tour from your own kitchen! You will get all the ingredients you need to bake a cake from a certain country, plus delicious, exotic treats. Thus, you can discover a new culture every month if you choose a subscription and turn the adventure into an exciting date.

Buy it here.

  1. Fancy picnic box

If you plan to invite your remote partner on a picnic date on the next visit, you could surprise them beforehand with a curated picnic box. It includes everything you might need on your day out, like a cozy blanket, a cheese platter or a bottle opener. 

Get your picnic box here.

  1. Call Number book box

You can choose from four different literary genres to send your significant other books that will keep them busy between your video calls. You could even start a bookclub for two and discuss your choice of the week or month during one of your Zoom dates.

Buy it here.

  1. Escape The Crate activity pack

Finding interesting and creative ideas for date night could be quite the challenge in LDRs. If you are looking for something more than your regular video chat, you can check out this subscription box of puzzles and riddles that can bring the excitement of an escape room into your home.

Buy it here.

  1. The Adults & Crafts Crate

A care package idea perfect for an exciting, out of the ordinary date night. Long distance couples will simply love spending quality time together creating decorations and learning new crafting skills.

Buy it here.

  1.  Erotic chest

You can always turn to naughty gifts to break the routine and spice up your sex life. An erotic box could be just what you need to set the mood for a hot, intimate date. And since some of the items can only be used when partners are physically together, this gift gives remote couples something to look forward to. 

Buy it here.

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