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Chill Long Distance Date Ideas For After The Holidays

Planning virtual dates allows long distance couples to maintain their connection while being apart from each other. It takes more than a phone or video call to get updated with your partner’s day-to-day life and to fully appreciate their presence. 

You ought to dedicate time and effort to set up dates where you meet online and take part in entertaining, special activities, just like you would do in person.

Choose one or several of these long distance date ideas to enjoy quality, fun times together in the beginning of a new year and to stay connected to your beloved.

1. Go shopping together

Take advantage of the huge, after the holidays discounts and invite your partner on an online shopping date. Discuss what would look good on you, what you might need for the next season, as well as favorite brands or clothing items. You can browse many websites together and compare prices to get the best deals. 

This is a fun, bonding activity that will help you discover your partner. If you pay attention, you might even get a few ideas for their next birthday.

2. Relax in your own backyard

If you had hectic, wearisome winter holidays, you might take the opportunity and relax, now that they are finally over. Which means that you might like to plan some quiet, chill dates with your loved one. Your backyard, if you have one, is the perfect setting for this. You can put together a picnic or have a drink while admiring the sunset and talking about your day.

3. Solve puzzles together

Puzzles are a soothing, yet stimulating pastime, more than suitable for a date night. You can go online, to one of the sites that allows you to select a puzzle or create your own. Afterwards, just share the link with your partner and you are good to go for your date. You will be able to actually work together, as a team, as you will be both moving the pieces of the puzzle in real time. 

4. Have fun playing games 

You don’t need to be next to each other for you and your partner to engage in a healthy competition. There are numerous games that can be played online and remotely. Whether you choose board or video games, interactive ones like charades or Pictionary or trivia, you are in for quite some fun. To raise the stakes, you can form a team and play against other couples you are friends with.

5. Attend a Yoga or meditation online class

What can be more relaxing than a Yoga class or a meditation session you can share online with your significant other? There is a certain connection between two people experiencing silence and meditation together, even when they are apart. It’s nice to know that a couple, especially a long distance one, can take the time to find balance and recharge together.

6. Go on an unusual virtual date

Thanks to various apps, such as FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom, you can enjoy a pleasant, still virtual date night no matter the distance. You have so many available options lately, from the traditional dinner and drinks to unconventional, thrilling adventures which will keep you in suspense all through the night.

All you need to do is to plan as many as possible, because, in the long run, dating allows couples to spend more time together and to grow in spite of the distance.

7. Take a walk together

Virtual dates don’t necessarily mean you have to be inside, stuck to a screen. If you have the weather on your side, take your partner on a walk in your favorite park or on a hike during the weekend and share the surrounding nature. Plus, it might be a good way to lose some of that holiday extra weight.

8. Read to each other 

A big part of connecting and feeling closer to your beloved is hearing their voice. Consider reading to each other when you get together, mostly at the end of your dates. You could read treasured childhood books or new ones that you have both wanted to check out. It might end up being one of your preferred moments of the day and an ideal way to end the night and go to bed together.

9. Listen to music together

Mix tapes have always been considered a romantic gift and now it’s easier to share the music you love with the person you love. Create playlists with songs that remind you of special times in your relationship and listen to them together.

Besides being a relaxing way of spending time with each other, listening to music that has a meaning to you as a couple can improve communication and reinforce your bond. 

10. Start house hunting

Looking at houses together, choosing where you might want to live, as a family, enables you to talk about a shared future and possibly discover you have so much more in common.

Because of the pandemic situation, realtors are offering virtual open houses you could enjoy together and forget about the distance for a couple of hours. It could be really fun and, why not, informative.

11. Sign up for a virtual cooking class 

Cooking lessons are a good option for a quiet night in, as long as it is something you have both wanted to try out. There are plenty of online choices, from a virtual class with a private chef to attending a virtual cooking seminar organized by a nearby restaurant. 

12. Spend a night watching TV

Either you decide to entertain yourselves with a new movie or binge-watch a suspenseful TV show together, you will definitely have a bonding experience. Couples who watch TV together are able to communicate better and thus to connect on a deeper level. Nothing  is stopping you from doing it from a distance, you can video chat or FaceTime the entire time. 

13. Write To-Do lists for each other

Less challenging than a scavenger hunt, but just as fun, exchanging to-do lists is a great way to stay connected to each other’s everyday life. Come up with exciting activities your partner can take part in around their area and have a blast. For example, dare them to go for a drink with their friends or rock climbing in their neighborhood’s park.

14. Commit to common art projects 

Committing to creative projects helps a couple evolve and strengthen their connection. One of the unconventional and relaxing long distance date night ideas is crafting at the same time. You can go for the classical approach of painting or drawing together, which means using a canvas and sharing the experience on video calls or you could use specialized apps that let you both work on the same piece, at the same time.

You may take a shot at mug painting, designing lamps or even T-shirts and then send each other your final works.

15. Invent your own drinking game 

This might be one of the most amusing long distance date ideas, as it combines two pleasant activities: talking and drinking. You can turn asking each other interesting, hilarious questions into a drinking game. It is a good way to have fun together while getting to know each other better.

16. Experience intimate moments

Even when you are far away from your loved one, romance and intimacy are a must. Sexting and seductive photos and videos can be a proper start, but in order to get intimate with your remote partner, you should also engage in actual FaceTime flirting. Moreover, it is important for a couple to discuss fantasies, desires and to be able to express their sexuality to experience real intimacy. 

17. Plan a spa date

Unfortunately, being in a long distance relationship means you can’t do a lot of things you might want to, like going to a spa together. Still, you can schedule your own spa day, in the comfort of your home and enjoy it together over video chat. 

Send your partner a package with their favorite care products and when it’s time for your spa date, set the ambience with candles, romantic music and a glass of wine. 

18. Have coffee together in the morning

A morning ritual could make you feel closer to your long distance mate. Have coffee and breakfast together over a video call and talk about your plans for that day. It will get you both energized and help you cope with the distance until your next meeting.

19. Do the Sunday crossword puzzle together

Every couple needs its routine, little habits that they take pleasure in and look forward to. Solving the Sunday crossword puzzle is a stimulating activity that long distance partners can easily share online. The process will bring you closer and give you a sense of belonging in each other’s life. 

20. Engage in interactive virtual activities

Activities such as improv or Show and Tell encourage personal interaction. They are simple virtual meetings that make fantastic ldr date ideas. You can use apps to generate scenarios or you could come up with your own. Both acts support couples in discovering each other’s sense of humor and in building trust.

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