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20 Date Ideas for New Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

First dates are filled with all kinds of emotions: the excitement of a new relationship,  the anxiety of making a good impression and the thrill of discovering the person in front of you. Not to mention the rising expectations of these exhilarating encounters turning into a true romance.

Love in the digital age knows few boundaries and it can successfully bloom even across the physical distance that might separate people. With that in mind, here are 20 date ideas for new couples in long distance relationships that might contribute to a lasting, strong bond. 

  1. Enjoy a nice dinner 

Dinner dates are a classic move for a reason: they allow partners to learn about each other and to connect over a tasty meal. Virtual dinners are a great option for remote couples, as they are easy to plan and quite practical. You can both order from the same restaurant, if that is possible or you can mix it up and order for each other.

  1. Cook or bake together

Preparing a new recipe or a childhood favorite together is a fun way to connect by sharing memories and “playing house”. This activity is the perfect setting for new love birds to discover common food preferences or culinary skills.

  1. Go out for coffee

Coffee dates provide the ideal environment for new couples, since they are more casual and usually shorter than dinners and thus more convenient for online dating. They also  encourage conversation, which is essential in the beginning of a relationship. Remote partners can get to know each other better over Zoom or FaceTime and introduce their favorite coffee shop at the same time. 

  1. Try virtual wine tasting

Don’t let the distance stop you from enjoying memorable experiences, such as wine tasting. There are several vineyards that provide virtual options for wine enthusiasts. You can both order the same tasting package or create your own list to go through during your date. One of the interesting date ideas for new couples, wine tasting can easily keep a discussion flowing.

  1. Attend a mixology class together

Since actually going out for drinks is not an alternative, couples in LDRs could consider virtual bartending classes. It is a fun date where they get to show off their Tom Cruise mixing skills and become cocktail masters together. Preparing delicious, exotic drinks can take off the pressure of dating and allows partners to focus on each other’s company.

  1. Challenge each other with online games

Friendly competition is a great way to break the ice during the first dates, especially for new remote couples. Playing games online is not only entertaining, but a wonderful method of connecting to the person you are interested in. 

  1. Test your limits in escape rooms

Virtual escape rooms have become quite popular lately and they are a noteworthy choice for a long distance date night. They require teamwork, thus making couples feel closer in spite of the many, many miles between them.

  1. Play 21 Questions

It may sound childish, but an amusing game of 21 questions could be a good way to learn more about the other person and connect with them. It gets the conversation going and it can be truly funny and revealing, too.

  1. Sing karaoke together

A karaoke bar is an exciting dating spot and an instant recipe for a fun, electrifying night. Online karaoke platforms offer long distance new couples the chance to have a blast, fooling around and singing their heart out.

  1. Have old-fashion fun Tie-Dyeing

Also in the field of art, a fun date idea for new couples in LDRs could be to design and paint clothing items. It is easy, refreshing and cost effective. With only a tie-dye kit, partners can create interesting, lively T-shirts together, over a video call. They could even wear them on their next date or gift them to each other.

  1. Entertain yourselves with quality comedy

If you are both fans, a night of stand up seems a wonderful idea for one of your first dates. Nowadays many comedy shows can be enjoyed on digital platforms, which means you and your partner can laugh at the same jokes no matter the distance between you. 

  1. Go on a virtual cultural tour

There is no reason why you can’t turn your passion for art into a memorable date. New exhibits or renowned paintings make great conversation starters for people who are just getting to know each other. Moreover, virtual tours of botanical gardens or aquariums can be really pleasant activities that bring couples closer.

  1. Check out a new band

Music has always been an important part of love stories. Streaming a live concert together could be the ideal romantic night for new couples. And there are plenty of options available online, so who knows, you may even find your song.

  1. Take part in a virtual workshop

Since long distance relationships are mainly virtual, partners could consider various online workshops for some of their dates. From yoga and workout classes to communication seminars, they provide a bonding experience. Their objective is to help couples connect and achieve intimacy. 

  1. Go on a photographic journey

You could both walk around town and try to capture its essence, by taking pictures of anything that is beautiful or meaningful to you. During your virtual date, show each other the images and talk about your thoughts and perspectives of the two locations.

  1. Watch a sports game together

If you are into sports, take turns in watching a game of a local team and comment upon it. It’s an excellent way to learn how to manage disagreements in a useful manner, which will later on help you solve eventual conflicts.

  1. Go out on a creative virtual date

Long distance couples could benefit from all the technological advancements and have a lot of fun going on incredible virtual dates. There are numerous adventures out there that it’s a pity not to ask your partner out for a dinner and a stroll around Paris, for instance.

  1. Go on a double date

Sometimes, first couple of dates could be too emotional and overwhelming, particularly through a screen. As a consequence, certain people prefer to share those intense moments with friends and opt for double dates. Double dating could take some of the pressure off and create a more enjoyable encounter altogether.

  1. Play city guide for your date

Showing your partner around your city, through a camera, could be a truly interesting date. You get to reveal all your favorite places and see whether they like the same food or pastime activities. This is a fast way to learn more about one another.

  1. Watch your favorite movies together

Sharing your favorite movies with someone you just started dating could contribute significantly to the progress of your relationship. Although probably one of the most common dates for LDR couples, watching movies online stimulates closeness and real intimacy.

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