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100 Get To Know You Questions For Couples

Whether you are beginning to discover someone you recently met or you have been in a committed relationship for years, there is still plenty to learn about the person next to you. Communication is essential for a couple’s success and questions are great conversation starters. From fun, hypothetical ones to profound, introspective inquiries, they help partners connect and tighten their bond.

There is a large variety of get to know you questions for couples that could guide you in finding out more about the person you are interested in or already care for. The following list contains 100 interesting, thought provoking questions you might consider for your next date.

Getting to know you questions for couples

One of the cornerstones of any relationship is knowing and understanding your partner. In time, you would be familiar with their behavior, preferences and aspirations. These and other topics, such as childhood and family, could be discussed during one or several of your dates.

Here are some questions you could ask to learn more about the person you are talking to.

1. What makes you like or dislike someone?

2. What would your ideal day look like?

3. Do you remember the nicest compliment you’ve received?

4. What would be a substantial gift you would like to receive?

5. What do you like most to do in your spare time?

6. What’s the most satisfying thing in your routine that you look forward to during the day?

7. What brings you the most joy or always makes you laugh?

8. What are some of the most gratifying sensations for you?

9. What are your top 5 rules for life?

10. What are the most important events in your life and do you feel they made you who you are today?

11. What are your priorities and what motivates you in life?

12. What is your biggest regret?

13. What have you struggled with your entire life?

14. What is an important change you would like to make in your life?

15. What do you expect out of your life?

16. Who do you look up to most and wish to be more like?

17. What were the healthiest and unhealthiest times in your life?

18. What is the worst emotional or mental distress you have endured?

19. What do you worry about?

20. What was the hardest lesson you had to learn?

21. What was your most embarrassing experience?

22. What are some words of wisdom that have stayed with you over the years?

23. What was the most painful thing ever addressed to you?

24. Are you happy with the career you chose or do you wish you had a different one?

25. What are your favorite thing and your biggest complaint about your job? 

26. What do you think you were born to do?

27. What is the craziest thing that has happened at one of your workplaces?

28. What small pleasures do you enjoy the most?

29. What luxury do you treat yourself to?

30. What is something that scares you every day?

31. What peculiar thing stresses you out more than it should?

32. What is bad for you but you still can’t get away from?

33. When or where do you feel like you are really in your element?

34. What musical instrument do you play or wish you could play?

35. What do you wish you were better at?

36. What is the scariest or strangest place you have ever been to?

37. What is the most dangerous, thrill-seeking thing you would consider doing?

38. What is the most awkward social situation you’ve been in?

39. Who do you miss the most having around?

40. What or who do you take for granted?

41. What is your biggest accomplishment?

42. What is the most stressful situation you’ve been in and how did you handle it?

43. What is the biggest opportunity you were given?

44. Do you have a secret you have never shared with anyone?

45. What were the most and least productive periods in your life? 

46. How well do you function under pressure?

47. What do you think happens after death?

48. What is the best or worst thing you inherited from your parents?

49. What habits do you still have from your childhood?

50. What are some of your earliest or best childhood memories?

51. What did you want to be when you were a child?

52. What do you miss most about being a kid?

53. Is there a question you wish people would ask more often?

54. Is there something you wish you could say to people but you can’t?

55. What question do you most want an answer to?

56. What are the best and worst things about the time we are living in?

57. Do you think the world is changing for the better or worse and why? 

58. What is something we should enjoy more because it won’t be around for long?

Personality questions

These might help you know what to expect from your partner in certain situations, but also during the first couple of dates, as a compatibility test. Discovering, from the very beginning, what kind of person is sitting in front of you allows you to figure out whether you might be a good fit or not.

59. What makes you really angry and what could calm you down?

60. Are you superstitious?

61. How good are you at reading people?

62. Are you hopeful about your future?

63. What is the most ambitious thing you have tried?

64. How often do you change your opinions or the way you perceive the world?

65. What biases do you think you have?

66. Which are the best three words to describe you?

67. What is your weakness? How about your biggest fear?

68. What would you change about yourself if you could?

Relationship questions

It is quite important to keep an open mind while asking and answering questions about the relationship itself. Their main goal is to encourage partners to be honest and to work together towards a sound communication system.

69. What do you think is our greatest strength as a couple?

70. What new activities would you like to try together?

71. What could we do to connect more and consolidate our relationship? 

72. Is there something we can do daily for each other to make our lives better?

73. How much space and personal time should partners give each other?

74. What are some of your relationship goals or what do you think our life will be like in 5 or 10 years?

75. Where would you like to retire?

76. What’s your favorite way we spend time together?

77. What is your favorite gift from me?

78. How well do you think we communicate?

79. What is the best relationship advice you’ve received?

80. What is the most difficult thing about being in a relationship?

81. What would be a deal breaker for you, something you couldn’t forgive?

82. What does a happy relationship look like to you and is it like the ones we see on TV or in the movies?

Intimate questions 

Sex is an important topic for couples, as both partners should be happy and satisfied with their sex life, not to mention willing to talk about it. 

83. How important is sex for you and in our relationship?

84. What are some of your fantasies that you haven’t shared with me?

85. What is the most adventurous thing you’ve done sexually?

86. What is your favorite part of sex and why?

87. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during sex?

88. Is there something you would like me or us to do in the bedroom to spice things up?

“What’s Your Favorite…?” questions

Asking a person about their preferences is a fast way to get to know them or to let your beloved surprise you from time to time. These inquiries are also great conversation starters.

89. What is your favorite book / movie / TV show / food / sport to play or watch / time of the day / day of the week / season? 

90. What’s your ideal vacation?

91. What are your favorite things in your house, respectively your neighborhood?

92. Do you prefer living in the countryside, in a town or in a big city and why?

“What If…” questions

Hypothetical situations could be fun get to know you questions for couples and since they usually involve complex answers, they can easily get a conversation flowing. Here are a few examples that will let you catch a glimpse of your discussion partner.

93. If you could travel to any country in the world for one month, where would you go and why?

94. If you could choose to be a certain age forever, what age would it be and why?

95. If you could invite four people to dinner, who would you choose and why?

96. If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be?

97. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

98. If you could go travel in time, what period would you travel to and what event(s) would you like to witness? 

99. If you were a superhero, what powers would you like to have?

100. If you could learn a talent or skill instantly, what would you want to master?

These are only a couple suggestions to get you started. You can select which questions are useful for your relationship. Moreover, there are other stimulating ways to learn about your partner, various activities or virtual dates for long distance couples.

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