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10 Ways To Keep The Sexual Spark Going in LDRs

Intimacy is important in any relationship and it is seriously tested in long distance connections. When you don’t get to spend much time with your partner, learning how to be intimate while you are miles apart is vital for the balance of the relationship and thus, a key element to its success. Otherwise frustration and anxiety build up, leading to a more challenging situation than you would have expected or wanted. At which point, a long distance relationship becomes a burden and not something worth fighting for.

LDRs entail particular struggles and not being able to see and touch your loved one for long periods of time is amongst their most difficult ones. So, you have to think past the regular, although fun and exciting, virtual dates to keep the passion alive across the distance.

While it might be complicated to enjoy a sex life without physical closeness, it is not impossible, especially in this era of technological advancement. All it takes is a little effort, an open mind and being willing to share your thoughts and desires with honesty. 

Long distance couples should be able to discover their own ways to be intimate with each other. Virtual intercourse or sex gifts, for instance, can help remote partners experience pleasure and reinforce their bond. There are so many other enticing activities that will kindle the spark in the bedroom, even at a distance.

  1. Video call while taking a bath

Taking baths together is one of the most intimate moments a couple can share. You can set the mood by dimming the lights, using bath salts or bubbles and maybe put on soft music in the background. 

You could dare each other to say what you would like to do if you were together, in the same bathtub. Make sure you choose the right time for such an experience and that you are both comfortable with this and able to relax and fully participate.

  1. Striptease over Zoom

What can be more sexy and seductive than a private striptease show? Surprise your partner at the upcoming scheduled date with an alluring, erotic choreography. They will definitely appreciate the performance and it could be a creative way for the two of you to release some of that separation tension. Plus, you can promise to renew the act next time you are together and you both know where that will take you.

  1. Join work out sessions together

Working out releases endorphins, which makes it a great foreplay. Many routines aim at improving one’s flexibility and most people find that attractive about their partner. In addition, exercising requires a certain type of clothing, very revealing and quite suggestive of the human body. For these reasons, training together via Zoom or any other video app intensifies a couple’s sexual connection and supports a healthy libido. 

  1. Engage in roleplay

You can increase the intensity of your private encounters by roleplaying, pretending to be different characters and acting in various scenarios that you and your partner may find arousing. Experimenting roleplaying over a simple phone call or in front of a screen  will enhance your pleasure and help you achieve a new level of intimacy. 

Try to listen to your partner and be aware of their needs, as well as their boundaries. Roleplaying involves reciprocity, a process both of you take an active part in and none of you should only respond to the other’s desires. 

  1. Appeal to their imagination

Tease your significant other with tempting photos and even videos to numb that yearning. A picture of you in a new, sexy lingerie can really get them in the mood. Send them texts or letters describing,  to the smallest detail, what exactly you miss about them, whether it’s their hot body or sensual touch. But don’t forget to leave something to their imagination too. Make them wonder what is coming next.

  1. Play couple games with happy-ending 

Playing games is a great way to intensify intimacy in a relationship and to spice things up at the same time. There are infinite possibilities for you to stay connected and feel truly close to your remote partner, from sexting and provocative photos to masturbation dates.

However, take your time to find a safe platform best suited for you, as a couple. Video calls can make some people feel awkward, uneasy, whereas for others, simple texts just won’t do the trick.

  1. Keep it fresh and sexy

In the absence of physical intimacy, you must try harder to show you are still interested and invested in your long distance relationship. Flirt constantly with your partner, tell them how attractive they are and how much you would like to be able to touch, hold, kiss them, etc. 

Slip in a sexy picture, followed by an innuendo from time to time or let your beloved in on your most secret fantasies about them. These methods will surely hold your passion to the highest levels.

  1. Talk dirty to each other

Sexual heat and desire are essential for the well being of a couple, even for a long distance one. Sex is not only a primary need, but also an emotional one. Fire up your intimate connection by exchanging sexually charged texts, filled with suggestive descriptions or spicy puns.

Nonetheless, this activity is not just for anybody, as it could quickly and easily turn into an awkward moment for the couple. Sustained communication between partners is the key, as well as establishing boundaries right from the start. Discuss what you are both comfortable with and what should be avoided.

  1. Explore your fantasies together

Embrace your fantasies to spice up your sex life and to maintain at least a satisfying degree of intimacy in your LDR. Share your deepest desires in order to enjoy fulfilling, gratifying sexual reports. Sometimes it is easier to talk about your fantasies over the phone or via video apps, so take the opportunity to reveal your sex stories to your partner. If they like your vision, you may get to play them out during your next encounter IRL.

Fantasizing about your partner will help you manage your libido and feel attracted to them when you are finally together again. Suppressing sexual desires and thoughts about your loved one would only make you experience frustration and become distant to them, even when you are next to each other.   

  1. Dress up for the occasion

Clothes, ot better yet, their lack of, can make a powerful statement. Dress provocatively every once in a while, to show your partner you still care about the sexual part of your relationship. Put on their favorite lingerie or the sexy new pijama next time you Skype or FaceTime them. It will work wonders with their sexual appetite.

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