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Here’s How To Watch Movies Together Online

One of the best things about technology is its power to connect people regardless of the physical distance between them. And that is exactly what people in long distance relationships need, fun and exciting ways to spend virtual, quality time together. An online movie night is a great option for a stimulating date remote couples could enjoy without too much hussle.

What is a virtual movie date?

A virtual movie date is quite similar to a traditional one, where you go out to a movie with your beloved. The only difference is that the first takes place online, meaning that you and your partner watch the same movie, but in your own homes and discuss it over the phone or chat.

Being in a long distance relationship makes it somewhat difficult to stay in touch and go on dates. Luckily, there are several free apps that allow remote couples to have online movie dates. Watching TV shows or movies in sync, while laughing and talking about it can make partners feel connected even when they are far away from each other.

Virtual movie dates could be a lot of fun for your usual scheduled meetings or a nice idea for a special ocassion, should you choose a meaningful film. Either way, you and your loved one can have a great time together, chatting and sharing feelings and emotions and simply connecting to each other.

5 Tips on how to watch movies together online

Watching a movie together with your significant other could be easy, in spite of the distance that keeps you apart. There are five steps you could consider to enjoy a relaxing, yet entertaining movie date.

  1. Choose a date - it might seem obvious, but take into account that a movie is usually between 90 and 120 minutes. So you and your partner should be able to clear your busy schedules for that time. Furthermore, if you would like to make movie night a recurrent event, you need a day of the week that works for both of you. 
  1. Select your platform - there is a great variety of streaming apps that will allow you to watch a movie together with your remote partner. Picking an appropriate one depends mostly on the movie you want to watch and also on the availability of the streaming services in both of your locations. 
  1. Optimize the experience by making sure the tech part is all covered:
  1. Get some snacks - you can’t really watch a movie without delicious candy or popcorn! Make sure to have plenty of snacks around for your big date. 
  1. Hit “Play” and enjoy the virtual movie date - once you are all logged in to your streaming app and you got plenty of your favorite treats, you can start the movie. Still, it could be better to discuss some ground rules for the viewing, like whether you should talk during the movie or wait until it is over etc.

How exactly do watch parties work?

In this modern day and age, couples in long distance relationships have various dating options they can experience in the virtual environment. Sometimes, you can share your fun and thrilling time, such as movie nights, with close friends, by going on a virtual double date. And thus, your online movie date turns into a watch party. 

There are several watch party services available that work in a similar way. The first point on your checklist should be that all participants have a valid subscription for the streaming app of your choice. Second, most of these platforms run on a PC and with a Chrome browser. However, certain services, such as Amazon Prime Video, work anywhere you can install it, including on a TV.

Once you set up the watch party, the majority of these services allow participants to chat with one another in a chatroom on the edge of the screen. There are even options that let you start a video chat while the movie is playing. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that these platforms sync the film for everyone connected. If one person pauses, the movie will be paused for everybody.

Recommended streaming apps 

Movies are a fun pastime, particularly when you watch them with the person you love. For partners who are miles away from each other, video streaming services are of great help. They allow users to synchronize a movie they watch together online, as well as to talk in specially designed chat rooms. Virtual movie nights are a great idea for LDRs, as they make remote couples feel closer and connected and encourage communication, which is important for their future.

Here are 10 apps or services that will make your virtual movie date a night to remember. 

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