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How To Write A Love Letter in A Long Distance Relationship

In today's tech world, picking up a pen and a quaint piece of paper to write love letters has become a lost art. When everybody relies on texting or calling, handwritten correspondence can make anyone feel special and truly loved. A well conceived message, describing wonderful moments spent together or reminding them about your strong affection will definitely make your partner’s day.

When you are in a long-distance relationship, writing a letter is a mindful way to let your loved one know how much you miss and care about them. Conventional mail is a clear expression of your effort and consideration, as letters will always be more personal than texts or emails. Long-distance written notes are a heartfelt statement of the emotions you experience when you are away from each other, of pleasant memories and encouraging promises, as well as a reminder that you will never allow the distance to alter your bond.

Although sending handwritten letters may be a longer and a more expensive process, the extra work and thought you put in will be acknowledged and valued by your partner, so check out the following ideas on how to write a love letter.

1. Make a plan before writing

It’s great to write from the heart, but think before you start writing and give yourself some time to organize your thoughts. If you want to do this right, sketching out your letter is an important first step. 

You can start by reflecting on what you wish to tell your partner. In a long-distance relationship you have to focus on making sure your beloved knows how much you miss them, how difficult it is to spend so much time apart and how you are looking forward  to being together again.

Why you have decided to write a love letter is also something you need to pin down before you actually put pen to paper. There are many reasons for LDR couples to exchange handwritten messages, from significant dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, to simply revealing their deepest feelings. Whatever the occasion, consider it throughout your writing because it is responsible for offering your technique a steady tone. 

Lastly,  how to write a love letter is equally important. Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to get stuck and can’t find the right words to convey your message. A proper mindset is vital for writing, so try to relax and ideas about how to communicate your affection will eventually start to flow. Pay attention to a little bit more than just the content of your letter. Choose quality, even personalized stationery, an old-fashioned ink pen to create a true love epistle.

2. Set the right tone for the love letter

For many people, the first impulse in writing such a message is to ignore their usual style and go for a completely different one, in a justified attempt to get the best results. But most of the time, a person doesn’t need an embellished, sophisticated language to know how their significant other feels. Therefore, remember to be honest, natural and always write in your own voice.

The tone of a love letter should be soft, informal and quite intimate. Make sure you lay down everything you want your loved one to know about your relationship, your sentiments or your dreams and desires. The more sincere and open you are, the more they will appreciate your gesture. Using your own, yet idyllic style will create a sense of closeness and enhance a romantic connection.

Writing down what they want to share can improve communication considerably, since letters provide great opportunities for remote partners to express everything they cannot or don’t have time for over the phone.

3. Consider writing drafts

No matter how in love you are or how strong and meaningful your bond is, you shouldn’t have high expectations to write the perfect love letter right from the start. Even if you are not a master of the written word, you needn’t worry about being able send your partner a lovely statement of your profound affection. The solution is to write as many drafts as it may take to obtain a worthy message.

The thing is, when you are aware that what you are writing is simply a draft and nobody will read it, you lose all your fears. Thus, you are more than likely to use a free, natural phrasing for your letter that could surprise you. First of all, focus on what you want to write and jot down ideas as they come to your mind. Don’t worry about form or structure at this point. You can share pretty much everything with the person you care so deeply for, like how much you miss and love them, how do you feel when you are apart. Or you can select to write about some of your precious memories, a special day you enjoyed together, your first impression of them, the moment you realized you loved them etc.

Once you have settled on the topic, you can start to think about how to write a love letter for him and brush up on the language and composition. After all, the manner in which you deliver a message is as important as the message itself.

4. Organize your writing

As any other form of writing, a love letter should have an introduction, a middle part and an ending. It goes without saying that there is no need for a formal structure, with headings or page numbers. However, a clear layout will create a better flow and it will ultimately ensure your thoughts are properly received and understood.   

Try to keep a simple, still descriptive language and to express your ideas one at a time. Organize your topics, but use a friendly, intimate tone. Don’t let a well structured content make you forget that you are in fact writing a love letter. When you shape a long-distance relationship letter as if you were talking to your remote partner face-to-face, then that is precisely the impression they will get by reading your letter.

Details embellish and bring a love letter to life, so be as specific as possible in your writing and use them to create a story, your story. Give plenty of details about the last time you woke up together or how good it felt to be able to hug each other during the previous visit. They will help your beloved from a distance to see the picture you are describing and to experience exactly what you felt while writing the letter. 

5. Don’t forget about finishing touches

Writing love letters is a romantic gesture that can unlock new approaches to healthy  communication and enhanced intimacy. To that respect, personal touches are a must, as they show the investment and commitment of the writer not only to the message, but also to the relationship. For instance, long distance couples can spray the letters with perfume or cologne to feel closer to each other, as if they could actually touch one another.

Surprising your loved one is a lot of fun, too. You can hide your love letter in their luggage the next time they visit or leave it in the bedroom right before you take off. Finding the letter soon after your physical separation will bring joy, comfort and it will make the process easier. 

An adorable picture of the two of you is a sweet surprise that can be easily added to your love letter. Choosing a picture where you both are having a blast will make your partner smile every time they look at it. Another way to go is to add a present, which can be a small token of your love or a gift card for amazing adventures you can share virtually. The latter will give you both something to look forward to and it can be the source of passionate discussions.

Finally, don’t forget about proofreading, to eliminate any spelling, grammar or typing mistakes. A memorable piece of writing makes a proper use of its language.

Love letters have been exchanged for centuries, long before the existence of mobile phones or the internet that made instant texts and emails possible. All these modern means of communication, including video calls are fast, easily accessible and they can keep you connected. Still, there is something to the good old classic handwritten love letters that makes them the best way to let your feelings, thoughts and desires run freely and to share them with the most important person in your life.

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