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15 Long Distance Anniversary Ideas That Make For A Special Celebration

Celebrating anniversaries in long distance relationships is quite problematic. It is disappointing not to be able to actually meet the person you love for such a special occasion, so you need to find long distance anniversary ideas that turn into a wonderful moment to share, despite the distance between you two.

Luckily, technology today allows us to meet most of our needs and desires virtually. You don’t have to miss out on important celebrations anymore simply because your partner is far away. There are plenty of options to stay in touch with each other when you are involved in LDR.

Here are some long distance anniversary ideas that might inspire you when you start to plan your own celebration.

1. Set up your virtual date

Virtual dates are the core of all long distance relationships, the only way couples get to spend some time together, communicate, interact. But what we suggest for extraordinary moments like anniversaries are extraordinary dates.

Break the routine of sitting in front of the screen while sharing your day, thoughts or dinner and go on exciting, adventurous and unique virtual dates.

2. Enjoy a romantic video chat dinner 

Going out for dinner is a traditional way to celebrate anniversaries. An alternative for LDR couples is to enjoy dinner together on FaceTime or Skype. You can even watch a movie or a TV show you both like during or after dinner.

In order to add meaning to this virtual dinner date, you should keep in mind to act as if you were going out with your partner. So dress up and fix yourself accordingly. Try to recreate the romantic atmosphere from your favorite restaurant, light up some candles and turn on the music in the background.

3. Play games together

Attend to your competitive side and have fun together by playing online games. Who knows, you may even start your very own anniversary tradition.  Snapchat games or Words With Friends are smart choices that improve your communication skills, so necessary in long distance relationships.

Classic games such as Yahtzee or Pictionary and puzzles are also worth considering, unlike relationship games, which might be too serious for such a moment. 

For a more personalized approach, pick the game “Memory”, but with pictures of you and your partner. It will be quite the delight to play a fun game while looking at your loved one and reminiscing about wonderful times throughout your relationship.

4. Launch into profound discussions

Although it may not seem a festive way to celebrate your anniversary, communication is vital to any relationship, all the more to long distance ones. Take the opportunity to discuss important matters, to listen to each other’s opinion on particular topics of substance. This will only reinforce your connection and bring you closer together.

If you can’t think of any challenging questions, you may find several conversation starters available online.

5. Go on a virtual vacation

The current situation makes traveling pretty difficult and it is likely to put a stop to any plans for an anniversary trip. However, don’t feel discouraged, as you are able to choose your dream destination and invite your partner to explore it together, virtually. 

Qantas, the Australian airline, launched an interesting virtual reality app which allows users to explore Australia. This could just be the perfect time to see kangaroos running around.

6. Send your partner on a scavenger hunt

This is the ideal way for adventurous couples to spend their anniversary. You may need to plan ahead and to ask for help from friends close to your partner, but it will definitely be worth it. Imagine how thrilled your loved one will be to discover everything you prepared for them. 

They can send pictures as they complete the tasks or they can video call during the entire hunt. Remember to have a nice surprise for them at the finish line. 

7. Sing karaoke together

Sharing a karaoke night is perhaps one of the unexpected long distance anniversary ideas, but it could be a lot of fun. With the help of karaoke websites and your smart devices, you can sing famous duets together or take turns and be each other’s audience. It has everything you need for a successful night out, even if it is online.  

8. "Go" to a concert together

How long has it been since you last went to a concert? Now it’s easier than ever, with numerous artists streaming live their shows. Watching together a band you love or one that has a special meaning to your relationship is not the worst thing to do on your anniversary.

9. Read love journals 

This is a thoughtful idea, even if it eliminates the element of surprise. Prior to the date of your anniversary, both of you can purchase a copy of a fill-in journal entitled “What I Love About You”. 

This can help you organize the thoughts and feelings you want to share with your significant other. After you finish, you simply mail the journal to your partner.

Afterwards, on the day of your anniversary, each of you gets to read how the other one feels about them, the relationship and what they wish and hope the future holds. What can be more romantic than that?

10. Enjoy a virtual museum tour

A major benefit of virtual dates is that you can go anywhere you want. There are no time, space or financial limitations. For their anniversary, art lovers could wander the rooms of the Museum of Modern Art in New York or take a late tour of the Louvre or discover the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

11. Dress up and go dancing

Spending your anniversary indoors, in front of a screen is no excuse to be sloppy with your appearance. You and your partner should both dress up, even for your virtual anniversary date. 

And here is a wild idea: after dinner and drinks, heat up the dance floor in your own living room! Either you dance to your favorite music or decide to take YouTube dance lessons, you and your partner will certainly get a kick out of this evening.

12. Prepare exotic cocktails

Nothing says “fun” more than delicious cocktails! For your anniversary, you and your partner could have a drink or two to celebrate your relationship. 

You can have fun preparing delicious cocktails, engaging in sparkling conversation and enjoying each other’s company while doing so.

13. Take the romance into the night

Finish the night with a romantic activity, such as watching the sunset, stargazing or launching sky lanterns. If you have outdoor space, you can move the date in your backyard, where you can enjoy the beauty of the night together. 

Just thinking that you are both watching the same sky and stars makes the distance between you grow smaller and smaller. This works better for couples who are in the same time zone or close ones.

14. Make it your fun day 

In spite of being away from the person you love on your special day, you are allowed to have fun and make the best of it. You could make a list of all your favorite activities and places to go and knock them off, one by one. Call your friends and get some company if you don’t want to do it alone.

Try to go to all the places that are meaningful to you, as a couple. Take lots of pictures and videos to share with your partner who, hopefully, was doing the exact same thing. 

15. Surprise each other with gifts

Last, but not least, sending your partner a sweet, considerate gift is one of the simplest, yet best long distance anniversary ideas. When choosing a gift for your anniversary, it is preferable to look for personal, distinctive items that will reflect your effort and underline the importance of the event. 

Studies have shown that celebrating anniversaries consolidates relationships and increases the level of closeness within a couple. Making it a rule can help draw attention to the positive features of the relationship and blur out the challenges.

With the latest upgrades in the tech world and, consequently, in online dating, long distance couples can enjoy wonderful experiences together and forget about the distance from time to time. Being able to go on virtual dates or to share special moments via a screen brings partners in LDR closer and it keeps them connected. 

There are so many creative and fun long distance anniversary ideas that will turn  celebrations into magical moments you can share with your partner in spite of you not being physically together.

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