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10 Long Distance Relationship Games That Are Actually Fun

Long distance relationships have always been challenging and required serious work. For that reason, we decided to find long distance relationship games that will help couples feel closer while having lots of fun.

Games are the perfect solution whenever you need to escape from the overwhelming reality and wish to reconnect with your remote partner, enjoying exciting and pleasant moments. 

Long distance relationship games can bring something special into the mix. No matter how far apart you are, once you begin to play with or even against your partner, you will instantly feel closer.  

According to a study printed in the Journal of Leisure Research, engaging in long distance relationship games is a great method of connecting and sharing moments remotely. 

The inquiry, which was led by Brigham Young University and included 349 couples, showed there is a connection between games and the closeness between partners. Couples which shared a common interest in playing games were more content with their relationship and displayed a higher level of intimacy. 

Playing games is also a way of spending quality time together and finding new, personal traits about your partner. That can only help create a powerful and close relationship. 

1. Hilarious Speak Out Game

One of this year’s most successful releases, Speak Out is a fun choice for a video-call date. It involves each player wearing mouthpieces that keep their mouths open, exposing their pearly white teeth. 

Players take turns reading goofy phrases from the available game cards, such as:

“Pelicans love pollywog falafels.”

Because of the mouthpieces, the phrases sound really gibberish, so everybody is laughing out loud throughout the game. 

The following video of Chris Pratt is a good example:

2. Settlers Of Catan

Settlers of Catan has really increased its already established popularity over this last year. Although it is originally a board game to be played in person, it has recently had a  virtual version launched.

In the online version, players can perform the same activities as in the traditional game. They are able to settle, trade and constantly build their world. The game comes with various play options and expansion packs that will easily keep the players invested.  

The great news is that the online game is supported on several operating systems and platforms, such as Google Play, Apple, Steam and most internet browsers. Moreover, it can be played on the entire range of devices, smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Another appealing feature is the “offline version”, which is perfect for people too busy to play in real time, as it allows them to move in their own time.

3. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is a game couples can easily play using only their phones, which makes it a great option for a FaceTime date.

This is how it works: A person places their phone on the forehead. A phrase is shown on the phone and the other person offers hints about that phrase. The first person must guess the phrase within the given amount of time.  

This game is a fast-paced activity for couples, sure to end in lots of laughter. It is a great way to test a couple’s communication skills and check if the partners are on the same wavelength.

4. The Ultimate Game For Couples

In spite of the fact that this middle-ground game requires a material set of cards, you can still enjoy it online, over Zoom or FaceTime. Only one of the partners uses the set of cards and just places a card in front of the camera when it is the other person’s turn.

The Ultimate Game for Couples consists of both profound, yet humorous questions and dare cards. Some of the dares are foolish, while others are naughty and most of them, unfortunately not all, can be carried out even from a distance.

This long distance relationships game can quickly become a couple’s favorite, that partners can enjoy on a cozy Saturday night, together with snacks and, why not, a bottle of good wine.

5. Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been very well received by adventure seekers, so it is no surprise they can also be found in the virtual world.

Virtual Escape Rooms are an ideal pastime activity for long distance couples, allowing them to solve together all the puzzles and clues that lead them out of the virtual room.

The system behind Virtual Escaping is suitable for players who are far away from each other. It has built-in video calling and in-window chat that partners can use to communicate quickly and easily in order to solve all the tasks of the game.

6. Geoguessr

Geoguessr brings in a stimulating adventure for those who enjoy traveling. It is a perfect game for long distance couples that want to mix dating with geography skills.

The game mainly consists of exchanging customized maps, based on which you can afterwards guess different locations. On the available desktop version, players are shown specific images on a map via Google Street View or Google Spheres and use the clues in the images to identify the location. With the help of video calling tools, partners can discuss the possible answers or venture to guess. Most of the times the locations are pretty difficult to pinpoint, which leads to funny and unexpected solutions and that places  Geoguessr among the best long distance relationship games.

Another entertaining feature of Geoguessr is the possibility of drawing up your own rules. You and your date can choose whether you are allowed to use the internet to look things up, or if you play as a team or against each other.

7. New York Times’ 36 Questions To Fall In Love

The esteemed New York Times has published an article containing 36 questions you can ask your partner in order to increase the level of intimacy and closeness. This idea is taken from a psychology study that is also mentioned in the article.

Seeing that the primary goal of every long distance relationship is to make the partners feel close, the interactive app built from those 36 questions is worth considering.

8. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart date night is certainly a blast from your past, your wonderful childhood! Turned into an app, Mario Kart Tour allows couples to play as their favorite characters and race on their most liked maps.

No matter if you decide to compete as the popular duo Mario and Peach or as the less  known Koopa Troopa and Waligui, the app rendition of the Nintendo classic is a proven way to secure a fun date night. 

Mario Kart Tour was voted the most constructive game for couples. After all, throwing bananas at each other is entertaining, as well as a good stress reliever.

9. Exploding Kittens

Originally, Exploding Kittens is a card game with only two players that cannot be played from a distance. But soon after the game was released, an app was launched on both Android and iOS, so that people could enjoy playing it online. The cost if purchase is extremely low and the app allows users to add friends and play together remotely.

Similar to the famous Russian Roulette, the game involves players taking turns to draw a card. If a player draws an exploding kitten, they are out of the game. Although there are several ways to defuse the bombs, Exploding Kittens is ultimately a game of chance.

With short matches, of 5-10 minutes at most, this activity is designed to bring couples together during lunch or dinner breaks.

10. Human: Fall Flat

This is a puzzle-based exploration game built on the concept of a virtual escape room. Long distance couples can find their way together through the dreamscape of Human: Fall Flat and decipher one by one, each physics based scenario of the game. 

Players use avatars to move along from landscape to landscape, but they can only rely on physics principle to win, as their avatars are merely virtual representations and not superheroes. 

Human: Fall Flat is full of captivating experiences, intricate challenges and complex puzzles that will keep participants on edge throughout the game. This makes it an excellent choice for date night. 

Certainly there are plenty more long distance relationship games available for you to enjoy with your significant other. The bottom line is that you need to get creative and to readjust, wherever possible, regular in-person activities to online games that can be shared by people who are far apart.

Furthermore, the games mentioned above are somewhat interactive, but remember that you always have other options, too. For a peaceful night in, for example, you and your partner can watch the same movie or TV show, together. Or, if you want to keep it interesting, you could play a drinking game while watching it. You would both take a sip of your favorite beverage every time specific things happen in the movie or TV show.

You can set your own rules for the game or just play it by ear, depending on whatever suits you and your partner best.

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