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10 Long Distance Relationship Problems & How To Fix Them

Long distance relationships could be difficult and discouraging. It takes a lot more time and effort to build a strong connection and maintain intimacy without physical closeness. Regardless of these challenges, many people choose and commit to a long distance romance, for various reasons.

Unfortunately, long distance relationship problems are common. Couples need to spend time together, in person and it is hard to make that happen when you live far away from one another. A relationship that doesn’t meet the needs of all the people involved could eventually fail.

Although long distance relationships can be challenging, there are ways to make them work. As long as both partners understand what they are dealing with, they could maintain a strong, long term connection in spite of the distance between them.

There are several issues remote couples are faced with, from the lack of intimacy or miscommunication to frustration and depression. Below, you can learn about 10 long distance relationship problems and how to best handle them.

  1. Lack of intimacy

However common, one of the hardest issues the distance brings up is the lack or decrease of intimacy. Being away from your loved one leads to reduced physical contact and a disappointing sex life, not to mention unfulfilled emotional expectations. While long distance might be a solution for a short time, it is not a complete romantic relationship and in the long run it could result in feelings of loneliness, anxiety and sexual frustration.

How to fix it: In order to enhance intimacy, remote partners could schedule more visits or vacations together. Physical closeness restores faith in their relationship and lets them recharge their sexual energy. Moreover, they could use technological advancements to connect and recreate a satisfying level of intimacy. Many online platforms allow people to stay in touch and spend time with one another.  

  1. Trust issues

Distance can be a catalyst for insecurities and distrust. Because couples are apart most of the time, doubts and suspicion might appear faster and more often than in geographically close relationships. 

There is also a higher chance for one or both partners to drift apart and to feel more content without each other. Or they start enjoying the company of people around them. This type of behavior could cause the failure of the relationship.

How to fix it: Try to include your significant other in every aspect of your life, even if they are miles away. Talk to them as much as you can and about everything, including your feelings and worries. A sound communication can close the distance and tighten the bond between you. 

Also, you could avoid confusions and misunderstandings by asking for clarifications or more details whenever you are not sure about a topic.

  1. Lack of effort

Over time, long distance couples might stop investing time and effort into their relationship. Due to busy schedules, they might plan fewer and fewer video calls or they might push back their regular visits. Needless to say, these actions can have a negative impact on their connection.

How to fix it: If you want your relationship to work, then you might consider putting in the effort to keep things interesting and exciting. Go on virtual dates, watch movies together, sign up for cooking or dancing lessons together or simply talk about your day. With today's video platforms there are plenty of options to have fun together while bonding.

In addition, you could send your loved one gifts that remind them of you and how much you miss and care for them. Receiving a surprise package from you will surely light up their day.

  1. Different life goals

One of the long distance relationship problems is that partners don’t share future objectives or life expectations. For instance, only one of them might be willing to change location in order for them to be closer or even live together. At some point, they might realize that it is not worth it to commit to a relationship that leads nowhere. 

How to fix it: The key to a successful romance is to set clear goals from the beginning, especially in LDRs. It is essential to have one or more dates to look forward to, such as the next visit or the upcoming vacation. And it is equally important to dream together, to be able to establish major objectives that will allow you to move forward with your relationship. Those could be changing jobs, moving in together or perhaps starting a family.

  1. Ineffective communication

There are distinct signs that communication is defective in a relationship. First, you are comfortable not talking to your remote partners for several days. Second, you often feel like there is nothing to talk about when you call each other. Third, chatting or video calling them has become a burden lately and not being able to have a conversation face to face is annoying you more and more.

How to fix it: To enjoy a healthy relationship couples should communicate efficiently and do their best to understand each other. Furthermore, they need to identify the existing issues and work towards solving them.

Effective conversations can help them address and overcome long distance relationships communication problems, by encouraging openness and honesty regarding existing feelings, concerns or doubts. Because if a relationship has issues, the distance could only emphasize them.

  1. Insufficient visits

It seems like you never get to meet up in person or when you do, there is not enough time to enjoy each other’s company. A downside of LDRs is to maintain your connection when you are so far apart. Once you know what it is like to really be with the person you love, it only becomes harder to stay away for so long.

How to fix it: Maybe you could plan to visit each other more often or find a way to extend your visits. Or you could attempt to broaden your horizon when it comes to your virtual dates and try out bonding activities, that will make you feel closer.

  1. The absence of planning

When a long distance couple doesn’t have a plan or a timeline for their relationship they might feel stuck and not know what to expect or how to move forward. LDRs might fail if people are not able to manage their situation or to find a way to close the distance in the foreseeable future.

How to fix it: For a successful long distance relationship, a timeline and an end date are vital. Thus, partners know what to expect and that they are heading in the right direction. In difficult times of loneliness and longing, this knowledge could be really useful and make a difference.

  1. The lack of a problem solving strategy 

Relationships in general become more difficult and stressful when couples don’t build their own strategy to resolve whatever problems might come along. If you don’t find a way to solve your issues, they will pile up and start putting pressure on the relationship, particularly when distance is involved. 

Without taking the proper time to talk and express all your concerns, confusion and misunderstanding might make their way into your connection. Next, there will be constant and most of the times redundant fights, which could seriously damage your relationship.

How to fix it: Communicating openly and clearly is the very first step you could take to make your relationship work. Honest conversations can help identify and solve your problems, as well as maintain a strong emotional connection. Talk to your partner about any feelings or worries you might experience, but make sure to listen to them too. It is really helpful to know you can count on someone for advice, cheering up or just to be there.

  1. Increased tension and arguments 

Distance can make people feel sad, lonely and frustrated and all these negative feelings can cause tension and arguments. At some point, you may find yourselves in a vicious cycle where the worse you feel, the more you argue and the other way around. And depending on your investment, you could experience endless struggle and suffering for years. Situations like this give long distance relationships a bad name.

How to fix it: Whenever you feel you are on a downslope, take a good look at your relationship. If both partners are committed to their connection and want to save or improve it, they should be willing to recognize the problems and make the necessary changes.

For instance, if they fight more often because of misunderstandings, they could work on their communication system. On the other hand, should they start to drift apart, they could remind each other how they feel and why or when their relationship makes them happy. This can help them eliminate any possible doubts and reinforce their connection.

  1. Fighting the circumstances of LDRs

Many times, long distance relationships are challenging because couples fight their circumstances instead of trying to understand them. Being away from your partner doesn’t have to make things harder, but it will definitely make them different. Seeing the distance as an obstacle turns your relationship into a struggle. And you can’t actually enjoy a situation you feel you need to overcome.

How to fix it: LDRs are unique and treated accordingly, they can be a source of happiness and fulfillment. Once a couple understands what the distance involves and starts adapting their expectations and actions to it, they have high chances to make their relationship work.

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