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How Long Distance Touch Bracelets Can Help Your Relationship

When your loved one is miles and most of the time, hours away, you try everything to narrow the distance between the two of you and to stay connected. Couples in LDRs often turn to tech products to feel closer to each other and to maintain a strong bond. As in any other field, technology has reshaped present human interactions, especially in the world of online dating, allowing people in love to share their feelings and emotions even when they are miles apart. And although nothing can replicate the true sensation of being together with the person you care for, the latest tech devices are the best next thing.

Smart solutions such as long distance touch bracelets represent a creative way for long distance couples to express their love and affection and to always keep in touch. While several apps and websites are useful to create and preserve a connection, wearable technology can help you actually feel connected to your remote partner. Physical contact is crucial to any relationship and particularly for establishing intimacy. So consider a long distance bracelet touch that lets you know every time your significant other misses you. 

What Are Long Distance Touch Bracelets?

Long distance relationships require time and effort in order to support a real and meaningful connection between partners that are miles and miles apart. Couples nowadays have plenty of options, from getting creative with their date nights to using state-of-the-art gadgets to stay connected and close to each other. Communication has never been easier than with long distance touch bracelets which allow love birds to send messages through vibrations.

Video calls and texting can cover most parts of a relationship without great difficulty, but touching is hard to recreate. This is where pair touch bracelets come in handy. They mimic a squeeze of the wrist by exchanging vibrations between the two bracelets, via a matching app. Exchanging messages in the form of vibrations is possible from anywhere in the world, no matter the distance, as long as the bracelets are connected by bluetooth to a smartphone with access to the internet.

Whenever you miss your remote partner, all you need to do is to gently touch your bracelet and the coupled bracelet will register your action and alert your beloved. Even if a long distance bracelet touch could never fully replace skin-to-skin contact, it is still a viable, fun alternative that can improve a long distance relationship considerably.

How Do They Work?

These lovely gadgets that look just like smart watches have a simple operating mechanism. When either partner touches their bracelet, the corresponding bracelet squeezes the wrist in the same manner their fingers would touch it. Touch bracelets use haptic technology, which enables a tactile response, to vibrate and light up in a customized color on a double tap. After the band is activated, you can insert your message and while it will dissipate from your bracelet, it will almost instantly appear on your partner’s bracelet.

The devices connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone and to a corresponding app that acts as a hub for the touch signal. The app performs several other functions, as well, such as keeping track of the time spent together, logging and sending each other’s location or allowing you to access a “touch conversation” history. 

For a proper functioning, consider the following guidelines:

As you can see, this fun high-tech gear is quite practical and uncomplicated and it can surprise you when you least expect it. Whether you’re spending a quiet evening in or you are out with friends, there is something exciting and reassuring about receiving a small pulse saying your loved one misses you. 

4 Long Distance Touch Bracelets To Try

Not having your partner close to you for a long time can be overwhelming and sometimes all you would like to do is to show that you are thinking about them.  Fortunately, that is easy to do today thanks to these four fantastic touch bracelets, which make an inspired choice on the list of gifts for long distance relationships.

1. BOND Touch Bracelets

Perhaps the most popular brand on the market, BOND bracelets come with four vibration intensity levels and a color wheel, to match different types of touches. Couples 

can create their own tapping codes, like one tap for “ Hello”, two for “ I miss you”, three for “I love you” and so on. The app provides a safe virtual space to swap messages, access missed touches and share a 10 photo gallery.

Buy them here.

2. HEY Bracelets

These bracelets, created by the House of Haptics, offer two color options, white with rose gold and anthracite with black and they have a wider strap than the Bond ones to fit everybody. They can work for 1-2 days after a two hours charge of the batteries. The Hey app registers all the details of the touches a person sends or receives, like date, time and location. 

Buy them here.

3. APPLE Watch

The Apple watch is particularly known for its fitness and health life tracking, still it has proved to be a great LDR gadget. Its Digital Touch feature lets you send touches to your remote partner. You can send taps, little drawings and even heartbeats in real-time. Another extraordinary property that benefits long distance relationships is the fact that you can add multiple time zones to the Apple watch.

Buy it here.

4. ZYWFAYUO Long Distance Touch Bracelets

There are a few attributes that really set these bracelets apart. First of all, you are able to connect one bracelet to many others. Second, each one of them can send out an emergency signal containing you location by tapping the bracelet for 3 seconds. Their elegant design allows you to wear them anytime and anywhere.

Buy them here.

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