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10 Best Sex Gifts For Long Distance Relationships

Sexy gifts are the easiest and fastest way to keep the passion alive in a relationship. Receiving a naughty present will make any person feel wanted and attractive and it can really improve a couple’s sex life.

There are plenty of options when it comes to sex gifts for long distance relationships, whether you are considering “classic” sex toys, such as vibrators and handcuffs or something more discreet, but just as arousing, like lingerie, massage oils or special lubricants. 

Every once in a while, partners need to spice up things and break up the routine in the intimacy department by trying new, stimulating aids. The following list of seductive, enticing gifts could be just what you need for a thriving, fulfilling sex life, even when you and your partner are not together most of the time.

1. We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator & App Controlled Remote

Specially created for long distance couples, this vibrator can be controlled remotely, through its own app. It is a smart and safe sex toy, with an adjustable design to fit each type of body. 

Maintaining a healthy, regular sex life is one the biggest challenges of LDRs. The We-Vibe vibrator allows one partner to be in control of the other’s sexual experience and of their intense pleasure. It is therefore a great method to boost a couple’s connection, to make them still enjoy intimate, satisfying moments together, in spite of the distance between them.  

It comes with a full set of accessories.

Buy it here.

2. Sex Coupons Book

We all know how difficult it might be to express our sexual preferences, fantasies or desires, even or especially in front of a screen. This little sexy coupon book could be your way to surprise your partner with daring ideas for the date nights to come. You may want to leave a few blank, so they could share their wishes as well.

You can also save a couple for the next time you’re together, it will give you something to look forward to.

Sex coupons can help you experiment in a fun, relaxed manner which will ultimately improve your communication skills and tighten your bond. It will open your eyes about the true sexual nature of both you and your partner and establish a new level of intimacy. 

Buy it here.

3. Spicy Game of Truth or Dare 

This juicy game will most certainly fire up your date night. It contains 50 sticks with a provocative truth on one side and a nasty dare on the other. It is an entertaining, passionate activity that is easily shared by long distance couples.

Playing Sexy Truth or Dare is a perfect way to stimulate a deeper connection, by learning more about your partner and discovering their hidden fantasies. Thus, you will be able to better attend to their needs and desires and to cultivate your romance.

Buy it here.

4. Position of the Day Playbook

One of the most creative and inspirational gifts for long distance couples, this book supplies sexual positions for every day of the year, hence its catchy subtitle “Sex Every Day in Every Way”. 

The playbook could be used as a source of ideas to get your relationship out of a rut or as part of a private game, to help you decode flirty messages. Either way, it will build up your excitement again and it will bring back a little sense of adventure.

Buy it here.

5. We-Vibe Verge App Controlled Vibrating Ring for Him

Similar to the vibrator, the We-Vibe penis ring can be controlled from a distance, a feature that makes this sex toy worth considering for the list of long distance gifts. Using the We-Connect app, you get to control the ring from wherever you are and still satisfy your partner.

The vibrating ring, coupled with a vibrator plays a major role in maintaining an active, adequate sexual life for remote partners.

Buy it here.

6. Sexy Lingerie

Surprise your loved one by sending carefully chosen sexy lingerie. It will make them feel empowered, but also wanted and more confident. This gift will show that you are still attracted to your partner and that you think about them and their sexuality.

Seeing your significant other as a sexual person is a good sign for your relationship, it means the romance is still alive and that you are willing to put in the work to preserve your intimacy.

Buy it here.

7. Sexual Lubricants & Special Oils

Pleasure is an important expectation of a healthy, gratifying sex life. No matter the sexual preferences or circumstances, lubricants can help everyone fully enjoy a sexual experience and they address several issues, besides vaginal dryness.

Furthermore, studies have shown that a number of essential oils have aphrodisiac properties, such as sage, lavender, sandalwood or ylang ylang. 

So, just think what you and your far away partner might take pleasure in and what might help you set the mood for your next moment of intimacy.

​​Buy it here.

8. The 5 Senses Sexy Gift

The bedroom edition of the 5 Senses gift is easy to use and organize. Mix five symbolic gifts, one for each of the 5 senses - touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Make sure you choose items meaningful to both of you and to your relationship.

This thoughtful present will give your beloved a quick peek into your next intimate date and will make them feel randy and wanted at the same time. It is a considerate way to ask for more private time together and an interesting, unique way to communicate your needs and desires. The package will also increase the excitement in your relationship.

Buy it here.

9. Would You Rather – Bedroom Edition 

The classic game was adapted into one of the best long distance relationship gifts. It has suggestive, spicy questions that can easily turn into options for a special night you’ll always remember. 

Although it might seem a foolish game, Would You Rather Bedroom Edition will make long distance couples connect profoundly and feel closer to each other by breaking out a harsh routine. It will give you valuable insight into what your remote partner truly desires, which will help you reignite the passion.  

Buy it here.

10. Ethical Porn

Last, but not least, watching porn is an activity a couple might enjoy sharing. Nowadays, you have access to ethical porn, a genre that presents sex in a more realistic way and encourages diversity. 

Think about gifting your significant other a subscription to an online porn channel and who knows, perhaps you will both benefit from it. You can check out things you would like to try together and discuss what suits you as a couple.

Buy it here.

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