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14 Things To Talk About On A Date

In a perfect world, date conversations come naturally and require no effort from either side. The ideal virtual date is the one where discussions are easy and you always have things to talk about on a date, as the main focus in online dating is on talking. Being able to communicate to partners remotely, from behind a screen, determines the success and the lifespan of a long distance relationship. 

In this day and age, when people are more and more confined to their homes and social interactions are much scarcer, connecting and feeling close to their loved ones is only possible through efficient communication

However, even highly compatible couples or those who have been together for many years sometimes experience awkwardness and hesitation during their conversations. Approaching certain topics can really save the moment, because they allow you to open up, create a deeper connection and move forward with your relationship. 

Here are a few things to talk about on a date that will certainly break the tension, lead to pleasant discussions and improve your bond with your virtual partner.

1. Talk about your day

A great way to start your date is to talk about what you both have done during the day, prior to your meeting. It gives a sense of normalcy and intimacy since this is what people usually talk about when they get together in the evening. Sharing your latest events favors a free and relaxing conversation and it allows both partners to act naturally.

2. Say where you would want to meet in person

Let your imagination run wild and take turns describing the places you would rather meet in person, should you have that option. This topic could be a lot of fun, while it gives you some insight about your date. Plus, you may find plenty of activities to look forward to for the next time you get together.

3. Share what you are missing the most 

Long distance relationships are definitely difficult, but you don’t need to mention that every time you talk to your remote loved one. Try to focus on what you miss the most. Thus, you acknowledge the complex situation you are in without dwelling on its downsides. Couples can also strengthen their connection as a result of such dialogues by understanding what is important to each of them. 

4. Chat about the last place you traveled to or your favorite vacation 

Traveling seems to be a very popular subject, especially amongst the things to talk about on a first date. Incredible destinations that you have visited or plan to see are excellent conversation starters. You can check out if you both share the “travel bug” by comparing experiences or chatting about future vacation plans.  

5. Discover each other’s personalities 

This is particularly helpful to new couples, who just started dating. Get to know your date better by discussing what kind of a person they are and what they are passionate about. Beyond compatibility, finding out whether your partner is a planner or more of a free spirit could help you going forward, when scheduling future dates. Moreover, talking about serious matters, such as character traits and how someone actually sees themselves provides useful tips about another person’s interests and social life. 

6. Ask this-or-that questions

This-or-that questions, like coffee or tea, cat person or dog person, the mountains or the seaside, are a fun change of rhythm and a way out of a harsh rut. In spite of the apparently shallow topic, discussions tend to become quite intense and reveal certain habits and routines, which is useful in any relationship.

7. Tell your date the interesting things you learnt that week

Many people are using the pandemic as an opportunity to work on themselves, sign up for an online class or take up a new hobby. So, why not mix up your virtual dates by  hosting a show and tell in order to share what you’ve been learning lately? You may even discover you have a lot more in common than you believed.

8. Choose one thing you’re looking forward to right now

It’s always a good idea to keep a conversation as interesting and optimistic as possible on your dates and even more during your online rendez-vous. Talking about what you have planned for the near future puts you in a cheerful, positive mood, which can easily flow into your encounter. 

9. Have a conversation about what you really want to do

Discussing dreams and long term goals can be an inspired approach to get to know someone better. Sharing your idea of an accomplished life helps your date gain a clear perspective of your priorities. A person’s choices are well reasoned by the values and standards they live up to. Listen to your partner carefully to find out if their objectives and desires are compatible with yours. 

10. Talk about family and friends

Don’t avoid talking about the other people in your life, close friends and family members. They are important to you and if you are in a LDR, you probably get to spend more time with them than with your beloved. Tell each other funny stories from your nights out with your friends or from the occasional family reunions.

11. Go down memory lane

Ask your date about an unforgettable experience or their most treasured memories. Seeing your date get excited about relating something that meant so much to them or made them feel so happy and alive lets you discover another side of them. It can also lead to surprising conversations.

12. Discuss about your favorite things growing up

Childhood is one of the most likely things to talk about on a date. You can have interesting dialogues about your favorite book and TV series growing up and whether you still think they are good choices. Funny nicknames or old friends you are in touch with are engaging topics too.

13. Share the top three things on your bucket list

A bucket list is a series of everything you want to achieve before you die. It is extremely personal and telling your partner about it is a sign of trust and of the significance you attach to your relationship. In addition, it might show you can still surprise each other.

14. Have fun with “What if” questions

When talking is the biggest part of your dating experience, you need to get creative. Once in a while, entertain yourselves with amusing hypotheses. Questions like “If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?” or “If you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you’d buy?” are a safe bet to unexpected, unique discussions you’ll always remember.

Always something to talk about.

dovey gives you something to talk about everyday, so you never have to come up with something yourself.

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