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15 Best Long Distance Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Long distance relationships can be tough, especially around romantic celebrations like Valentine’s Day. You may feel lonelier than usual, with all the people around you planning to go on dates with their partners, while you are forced to celebrate your love through video calls.

However, a small dose of creativity helps couples that are miles apart feel closer and connected to each other. There are plenty of long distance gifts perfect for this special day, surprises which will capture the nature and intensity of your affection. 

For Valentine’s Day, you are able to close the distance between the two of you by coming up with thoughtful, charming long distance gift ideas to make this holiday memorable, a true statement to your partner.

Since you can’t be together with your significant other, you may find these long distance Valentine’s Day gifts to light up your mood and set the tone for a sentimental, yet enjoyable celebration of your relationship.

  1. Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker

You can fall asleep every night listening to the heartbeat of your beloved, no matter how far away you are. The innovative gadget includes 2 speakers and 2 wristbands that act like heart monitors. The band picks up your heartbeats and carries them, in real time, to your partner’s speaker, through a designated app. 

This set allows you to connect to your partner regardless of the distance and to end each day comforted by the rhythm of your half’s heartbeat. It is one of the most romantic and considerate presents that a couple could ever think of, which makes it ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Buy it here.

  1. “What I Love about You” Book

“What I Love about You” is a comprehensive journal that provides a unique way of expressing your feelings. Its pages can be filled with words, pictures or drawings your partner will cherish forever.  

You can surprise your soulmate with this love manifesto and give them something to go back to whenever they feel overwhelmed with longing. 

Buy it here.

  1. Customized Romantic Message Pillowcase

These top quality printed pillowcases should definitely be included on the gift list for your Valentine. Extremely comfortable and displaying romantic messages, they will make your partner think fondly about you every time they go to bed or wake up. The message could vary, but its meaning stays the same: a sweet reminder of your strong feelings and love.

Buy it here.

  1. Personalized Film Roll

Use your favorite photos or those that are meaningful to your story to offer a lovely, handmade roll film album. It is an extraordinary and original gift that can comprise from 5 to 30 pictures of your choice. Your partner will surely appreciate this alternative to a classic, hard copy album, as it is much easier to unveil and enjoy precious memories, one by one. 

Buy it here.

  1. Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

Gift this adorable hand heart sculpture as a token of your profound devotion towards your significant other. It stands as a sentimental gesture, a symbol of your natural connection and intertwined destinies. 

Hands combined into a perfect heart shape make an equally perfect present for Valentine’s Day, since the artwork is a representation of people’s union, as well as of one of the most intimate expressions, handholding. 

Place it somewhere close to you, where you can see it every day and remember that you are loved and valued.

Buy it here.

  1. Intimacy Deck

The game, designed to reignite the passion in a relationship, is a wonderful addition to date night. It starts up conversations meant to give couples a deeper understanding of their feelings and emotions and a better insight of each other’s love language.  

Intimacy Deck enables players to rediscover the spark in their relationship and what made them fall in love with one another. It is a trust exercise that encourages partners to open their hearts to romance and to vulnerability, which can lead to a healthier and stronger connection, particularly in long distance relationships.

Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the game, its prompts will really improve intimacy between you and your loved one and bring you two closer than ever. So you might consider it for a romantic occasion, such as Valentine’s Day. It doubles up as a captivating gift and an entertaining way to celebrate.

Buy it here.

  1. Valentine's Day Gift Basket for Breakfast in Bed 

A gift basket for breakfast in bed is a fabulous way to start your Valentine’s Day. Sending a carefully chosen package filled with their favorite goodies will show your remote partner how much you love and value them.

Preparing and offering breakfast in bed is an unfailing idyllic gesture and this delicious, fresh, buttery pastry will certainly impress your beloved. You will be able to share magical moments that will help you get through the most romantic day of the year in spite of the distance that separates you.

Buy it here.

  1. Valentine’s Day Cupcake Love Box 

Chocolate has always been the go-to gift for romantic celebrations and yet has never failed. Think about these amazing mini cupcakes as an expression of the happiness and warmth your sweet partner has brought into your life. 

The beautifully wrapped love box contains a large variety of flavors and textures and, in addition, a personalized Valentine’s Day card that you can fill out yourself when you place in an order. 

Buy it here.

  1.  Explosion Box

If your loved one takes great pleasure in solving puzzles and playing games, a fascinating explosion box is the right present for them. They will be thrilled to discover the many treasures of this particular pack. 

It is one of the coolest and most personal long distance gifts for Valentine’s Day, as it holds meaningful souvenirs of your relationship and it gives you a chance to show off your artistic skills at the same time. 

Buy it here.

  1. Personalized 3D Illusion Lamp

A customized night lamp could be a pleasant surprise gift for your significant other on Valentine’s Day. It has a simple, yet tasteful design and it can be engraved with your names and a date significant to your love story, the day you met, you moved in together or you shared your first kiss. 

Buy it here.

  1. Infinity Love Candle Holder

With a powerful symbol representing enduring love, the Infinity Candle Holder literally lights up your passion. The infinity pattern is both elegant and romantic, which makes it a perfect match for any space.  

The embracing couple creates a welcoming and loving atmosphere that will enlighten any room and warm up every heart. It is a beautiful, thoughtful gift and it will make the recipient feel loved and valued

Buy it here.

  1.  Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

Celebrate your special romance, movie style, by selecting this unique marquee art to offer to your Valentine. It features the “co-stars”, a meaningful date that you pick out and a title. You can go with your own headline or you can choose from three all time favorites. There are also three background options: full color, black and white and classic sepia.

Dazzle your partner on the most romantic day of the year with this timeless piece of art and honour the greatest love affair in history, yours. 

Buy it here.

  1.  Funny Couple Shirts

Nothing screams louder that you are in a committed relationship than matching T-shirts. So if you decided on something funny for this year’s Valentine’s Day, couple shirts are one of the long distance gift ideas worth considering. You and your beloved could both wear them next time you FaceTime or you could let your friends make fun of you when you get to meet in person.

Buy them here.

  1.  Talk, Flirt, Dare: Date Night Box Set

Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to get frisky. You can be bold and surprise your loved one with sexy gifts or you can go for a less shocking present, but just as effective. This date night set gets you and your remote partner in a flirty mood and dares you to refuel your sensual energy.

It is a great way to spice things up and reconnect intimately with your half, even when you are miles and miles apart.

Buy it here.

  1.  Beauty and The Beast Rose

The rose from the most romantic Disney movie is the ultimate metaphor for a passionate, eternal love. Its never fading petals symbolize a romance that will go on as strong and as intense as it had begun. This magic flower that lasts for eternity is an expression of deep affection and powerful emotion. 

There’s no doubt it will make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift for that special person in your life.
Buy it here.

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