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VR Dating: One Step Further Than Online Dating

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated, yet truly realistic world, created entirely by means of programming and coding. It represents an imaginary universe, one with characteristics very similar to the real life surrounding us. VR is the technology of the hour, making its way in diverse areas such as entertainment, research and development, education and lately, dating. 

Virtual reality is accessed using a specialized gear, particularly designed for this technology, called head-mounted display (HMD) or headset. Its main purpose is to prevent users from perceiving any stimuli from the real world, outside the virtual platform. The headset is connected to a dedicated software, installed in computers or smartphones.

As one of their major characteristics, virtual worlds are believable, with live-size components and items, giving users a genuine feeling of belonging, of an actual presence in that environment. The hottest development is immersive and interactive, stimulating all senses, allowing users to interact with the simulated world around them and to move in real time. Last, but not least, virtual reality is explorable, the landscape changes as avatars move around the space and discover other dimensions beyond their line of sight.

Although its greatest and immediate use is in movies and games, VR has proven successful in several other applied fields, like military training, education, healthcare or prototype design. It provides a safe environment for testing new products and technologies and it minimizes the risk of accidents and errors.

How VR Dating Is Changing Relationships

In this ever changing world, emerging technologies are transforming nearly all aspects of human life, the way people learn, work, travel and ultimately, the way they relate to one another. The latest innovations have remodeled the dating practices and the intimacy experience. 

Dating and relationships have already been upgraded to the digital era due to all the available social media and dating apps. Virtual reality has the potential to expand the boundaries of online dating even further, to create evolved platforms that enable users to interact with each other through their avatars, very much similar to the existing metaverse. Thus, thanks to VR dating, people will be able to feel close and intimate again despite the lack of actual, physical proximity.

Nowadays, dating apps, smart sex toys and other gadgets have clearly made their mark on the way people build relationships and establish intimacy. Going on virtual dates is no longer a last resort for falling in love, but rather the mainstream. 

Statistics show that 30% of American adults are using dating websites or apps and almost 60% of them are overall satisfied with the process. The COVID pandemic also played a major role in boosting those numbers. In a time of isolation and social distancing, virtual media was the only safe way to stay in touch with loved ones and to feel connected and close to them. 

The dating landscape has changed from face to face to FaceTime and now to augmented (AR) and virtual reality. Together with technological advancement, more and more individuals will identify themselves with their virtual representation. They might even go as far as to rely solely on VR dating sites for their romantic needs or to choose the privacy of virtual encounters over human contact. 

Considering the increasing popularity of AR games, the widespread use of smart headsets and the lower costs and enhanced accessibility of technology, virtual reality is the future of love. People need other people and VR dating games, for instance, provide solutions for long distance meetings and lifelike interactions. 

The world of virtual reality is a source of great possibilities and it keeps evolving, from immersive dating to DNA matching. VR dating sites allow users not only to meet potential partners and talk to them, but to watch them gesture or smile, as well. 

The Endless Possibilities of VR Dating

Virtual reality is the realm of countless, amazing dating experiences, from exotic destinations for a first date to simulated touching. Such platforms supply long distance couples with a wide range of virtual journeys, including expeditions in outer space or worlds of legend from sci-fi books or movies.

Virtual technologies also allow long distance couples to express their affection physically, through dedicated apps or AI software. Another scope for virtual reality is wedding ceremonies or other significant events in one’s life. VR celebrations can gather everybody around, no matter where they may live and with almost no cost at all. In addition, people could enjoy their special day over and over again, as much as they did the first time.

Furthermore, both AI and VR can replace human contact, which is quite helpful for individuals who suffer from social anxiety and feel uncomfortable in the presence of others. AI is designed to meet certain human needs, such as talking, sharing thoughts, feelings, desires etc. Since it can do it without complaining or getting tired, it could quickly become the best conversation partner.

This doesn’t mean that virtual innovations should supersede human connections. On the contrary, people could take advantage of the latest developments to reinforce their bonds and to feel closer to one another, especially long distance couples. All partners  can use VR as a safe space to experiment, to engage in new activities or even to explore sexual fantasies.

One of the most popular features of VR dating is creating an environment where people can be together, at the same time, no matter their real location. This alone upgraded the online dating experience, remote couples being able to interact to a more personal level than chats or video calling would ever ensure.

The next step for virtual reality is to incorporate as many of the human senses as possible. There already are a few games and apps available where users can feel the heat of the sun or the breeze of the wind. Still, in order for it to be a life changing adventure, it should include stimuli for all senses, beyond hearing and touching.

Virtual platforms reformed digital media by a sense of presence, by making people feel closer and more connected in a hectic world and future versions will only enhance human interaction.

Benefits of Virtual Dates

1. VR dating can offer a deeper and more intimate connection in long distance couples

Virtual apps provide the perfect setting for meaningful interactions between remote partners. LDRs are easier and, consequently, more frequent in this digital world, but they still have to struggle with a lack of intimacy. VR technology can step up and save these relationships with innovative software that brings people closer together no matter the distance. Thanks to avatars, the virtual image of a user, partners can hold hands or hug each other. It represents a much more intimate exchange than simple messages or calls, since the avatars move at the same time as their users.

2. Virtual platforms act like time capsules for all special events

YouVisit, a company that has been on the market for over 10 years now, uses a VR technology that captures 360-degree content from any event, such as wedding ceremonies, graduations, birthdays or anniversaries. It allows users to relive that special  moment, to the smallest detail, whenever they want to.

3. VR dating sites offer their users more personal experiences

Besides sharing users’ profiles and photos, virtual dating apps create computer-generated simulations for people to meet and talk. The benefit of such encounters is that a person can identify the facial expressions of potential dates, their smile or sadness or anxiety.

4. Virtual reality leads to a more secure online dating environment

Social media can definitely be a ground for misleading content. Virtual platforms, however, are rather useful in spotting fake profiles, which facilitates the matchmaking process. It is expected that virtual reality completes advanced features that can protect users’ personal data. Such a technology is DNA coding, which allows confirmation of physical traits and real-time location of its users. In the end, all these developments will establish more trust and more security in the online dating world.

5. VR dating websites and apps can help people improve their dating skills

Virtual reality is a great option for individuals who lack social skills because it helps users socialize from the comfort of their home. Interacting from your safe place can take a lot of anxiety and pressure off, especially for first dates. VR dating is also useful to long distance couples, enabling them to share activities, as well as their home and so it will enhance their feelings of trust and belonging in each other’s life.

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