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What To Talk About On A First Date

First dates are already a source of anxiety and discomfort, without having to worry about those awkward pauses and finding good topics for discussion. Struggling to keep the conversation going can be an unpleasant experience that might affect your attitude towards dating.  

Few things can ruin a first date faster than poor conversation. When you’re trying to impress the person in front of you, everything you do and say matters. You can have a great time and end up spending an amazing evening as long as you put some thought into what to talk about on a first date. Make sure you prepare some icebreakers, fun questions, but also thought provoking queries. 

Sometimes there’s a fine line between awkward and exciting and that is stimulating conversation. So take a look at the following 15 tips on how to be funny, interesting and connect to your date.

1. Catch up with current events 

Discussing the latest events around the world is a great way to get things rolling and even discover a person’s perspective on certain topics. From breaking news to a recent box office hit or the gadget that was just released, hot, trending topics can lead to meaningful interactions and help you connect.

2. Find an animated setting for your date 

You can really do yourself a favor and decide to go out to an inspiring location that could give you plenty to talk about on a first date. Art exhibitions, street festivals or the zoo can be great conversation starters. You could just walk around and discuss what you see around you.

3. Ask about favorite places to visit

A research conducted by psychologist Richard Wiseman found that couples who talked about travel on their first date planned a second one 18 % of the time. By comparison, the odds are less for people discussing movies, only 9 % wish for another date.

The reason behind it is that sharing fascinating adventures and desired destinations can be a rather attractive feature.

4. Have a list of fun icebreakers at hand

If you are concerned about awkward silences during your first date, you might consider preparing a couple of amusing conversation starters. It could be fun and relaxing to take turns answering “What if…?” or “Would you rather…?” questions.

5. Discuss each other’s passions or hobbies

Conversations that involve hobbies and pastime activities can be quite meaningful and flowing nicely at the same time. Try to connect your date’s passions to hilarious memories and share your reasons for wanting to test them out. You might even discover common interests that you could check out together, on a second date.

6. Strike up a conversation about food 

From your favorite dish to unique restaurants in your area, you can never go wrong talking about food. Although a light topic, this allows you to dig deeper and learn about your date’s cooking skills or their lack of. Plus, exchanging interesting and delicious recipes provides a plausible cause to stay in touch. 

7. Talk about pets and other animals

How a person treats animals says much about their character.  Usually, people who love animals and have pets are more generous, empathetic and capable of showing their affection. And anybody who has a furry friend at home can talk about them for hours, thus the conversation will run smoothly.

8. Bring up family and friends

Despite the fact that this might seem a private topic and therefore something not to talk about on a first date, many people like to mention their friends or siblings. It makes them feel comfortable enough to open up to their date and, why not, establish a connection.

9. Find similarities in entertainment

Topics related to entertainment are always a fun way to get to know someone and create a bond. They allow you to find common interests and they could also provide creative ideas for an enjoyable second date.

10. Ask as many questions as possible

Should you ever run out of things to say to your date, start asking them about their life, dreams or passions. Simple, yet profound questions can spark a pleasant and stimulating conversation.

11. Comment on your date’s appearance 

Noticing and complementing the other person’s looks is a great conversation starter and could easily lead to a nice chat about shopping or dressing styles.

12. Build on what your date is sharing

Do your best to really listen to what someone shares with you and respond accordingly. In addition to being the fastest way to get to know them, it could easily prompt follow-up questions and keep the conversation flowing.

13. Bring out your favorite jokes  

Laughing makes people more accessible and their interactions more pleasant. Don’t be afraid to tell a joke you think it’s funny or to recount a slightly embarrassing, still hilarious memory. 

14. Talk about the place where you are meeting

First dates can start off a little uncomfortable, but try not to worry about it. Give yourself and your date time to lighten up. If you don’t know how to start a conversation, try asking about your date venue. Questions like “Have you been here before?” or “Do you like this neighborhood?” can open up many other topics.

15. Share the way you feel

There is a high chance you might be nervous on a first date, so just be honest about it. Being open and straightforward about the way you feel could take some of the pressure off and also make your date more comfortable and chatty. 

What not to talk about on a first date

For a good time and a delightful night out, we have gathered ten conversation topics for you to avoid. 

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