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What To Wear On A Virtual Date

The dating world has changed greatly over these last few years. One third of all romances start online, thanks to the advanced technology and numerous apps that allow people to meet and connect with each other even from afar.

Virtual dating has plenty of benefits that rightly increased its popularity. It supports creative date ideas that participants can enjoy in the comfort of their own home. Many people who have chosen online dating, as well as long distance couples who have to resort to it, agree that it can make them feel safer and in control, but also saves time and money. 

As Zoom dates are rapidly replacing conventional, in person dinners, a new challenge arises from deciding what to wear on a date that involves you, your partner and a connecting device. Naturally, the focus is on your upper half, as it is the most visible part on camera. Still, this doesn’t mean you should forget altogether about wearing a proper pair of pants or a nice skirt and just keep those cozy leggings you usually have on around the house. 

Check out below for useful tips about the perfect attire for virtual dates, outfits that will boost your confidence and make you feel at ease at the same time.

1. General rules for what to wear on a date

Considering that video calls are practically close ups, fashion experts think it is best to choose a comfortable outfit that fits your personality. Furthermore, people should pick out what to wear on a first date, even virtual ones, according to the impression they want to make and the message they are trying to send.

Dates can make you feel a little jittery, especially if you are in a long distance relationship and this is as much closeness as you can get with your partner. So think about wearing clothes that give you confidence. Focus on which part of your body you would like to emphasize. For instance, if you want to draw attention to your bust, select a v-neck top. If, on the contrary, you would like your partner to notice your eyes, go for a discrete item, that will not steal the focus from your face.

As a rule, try to dress in small prints or low-contrast patterns for virtual dates, since they are more camera friendly. Should you decide to put on accessories, they should also be simple and not too shiny or glamorous. The latter are distracting for both the lens and your partner.

2. Dress like yourself

No matter the occasion, your outfit should represent you, your identity and your energy. A worthy date is going to be more interested in your person than in your taste for fashion. There is no need to spend a lot of time and money for a new outfit that might end up being a reason for concern and anxiety before or during your date. So, wear familiar clothing, something you love and feel comfortable, cool and poised in. 

3. Dress like you would for an in-person date

If you are serious about the person you are dating, you ought to prepare the same way for an online date as for one IRL. Meaning you get to dress as if you were really going out. Thus, if you are a jeans-and-smart-shirt kind-a-guy or a woman who prefers to wear a lovely dress, then you should still do it for FaceTime or Skype dates. 

Smart casual outfits are ideal for virtual dates. Basic blacks are perfect for sending sexy vibes. Getting dressed for a date is about building self-confidence. How you see yourself is equally or possibly more important than impressing your date and making an effort can start your night off on a positive note.

4. Choose bold, vivid colors

Studies actually show that the go-to color pick for an online date should be red. The conclusion is directly linked to the choice of color in people’s profile photos from dating apps. As it turns out, women who wear red in their online dating profile get more hits.

You don’t necessarily have to wear red if that is not your color. However, keep in mind to opt for bright, rich colors when your dates involve video calls and stay out of faded tones that might wash you out on camera.

5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize….

Accessories can revitalize your wardrobe, as well as your conversation. When it comes to virtual dates, embrace a simple, practical style, then add a little texture with an accessory. An interesting necklace or a playful scarf can pull an entire outfit together and secure favorable and flattering reactions. 

Moreover, your accessories tell stories, which can really help the conversation flow. They open up so many topics, such as your favorite vacations or your family if you wear inherited pieces. 

6. Dress up, from head to toe

You may be new at dating from the comfort of your sofa or home office, but don’t give in to the temptation of wearing what you normally wear around the house. Dress up as if you were going on a real date, because you are. Virtual dates are the real deal, so let your character and style transcend the screen. 

Be consistent and authentic with your look, it will be easier to translate to real life, when you will have the chance to meet in person. Select the appropriate outfit for the occasion, one which still fits you perfectly and stresses your best traits. Don’t attend your online dates in sweatpants or pajamas, just because they are comfortable.  

7. Wear a special top on your virtual date

Since most webcams cover your body from the waist up, consider wearing a noteworthy top. It is true that women are far more fortunate in this regard, as their options are wider than the classic men’s dual choice. Fashion magazines recommend a great variety, from romantic blouses to spaghetti straps and off-shoulder shirts.

The casual, sweet tank is a fine option for women who are not keen on wasting their time thinking about what to wear on a movie date, for example. Tanks are breathable, extremely easy to match with other clothing items, and the right material will feel quite comfy.

In addition, statement sleeves or fun prints can spruce up your look and lighten the mood. Don’t forget about romantic details, like ruffles or lace.

8. Match your outfit with the type of date

Perhaps the most important thing to take into account when choosing what to wear on a date is where you are going, physically or virtually. Your attire should match the destination of your encounter.  Below you may find a few outfit ideas for every date.

9. Sexy items that can spice up your date

There are several pieces that send a sexy vibe each time you wear them. These are generally plain clothes that show a little skin, like off-the-shoulder sweaters and ribbed racerback dresses or tops. Cute, chique necklines can also be seductive, especially behind a screen. From sweetheart or halter, to square and asymmetric designs, a playful and alluring neckline makes a fashionable statement in a virtual setting.

10. Classic looks that never fail

Every wardrobe should include a couple of timeless outfits, fit for various occasions. The breezy T-shirt dress, for instance, is both casual and teasing. Should you decide to dress up for a virtual date, you will surely make an appearance with a fancy, bold flowy maxi dress. Another classic attire is the T-shirt and blazer combo which can save any date. Last, but not least, the one-shoulder top is a basic item that can make quite an impression on camera.

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