Frequently Asked Questions

My phone number isn't working when signing up.

If you're having issues signing up with your phone number make sure you have the correct country code selected and that your country code is not included in your phone number. Shoot us an email if you're still having issues: support@doveydates.com

How do I send a voice message?

Tap the recording button to start talking and when you're done tap it again to send. You can also press and hold if you prefer to send voice messages that way.

How do the dates work?

Start by choosing a date of your choice from our catalog. Once you choose a date we will send you an email with a link to access your date. Send that link to your partner so they can join the date. Only one person needs to buy your date!

I never got an email!

Start by checking your spam, junk, or promotions folders. Some email addresses have a hard time receiving automated emails. Please try another email address if you don't have an email in your junk or spam folders. This is because some email servers, like private work servers, will block emails it thinks may be spam even when it's not.

My date is laggy.

We recommend using Firefox for the best experience. If you're using Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced Settings and turn on Hardware Acceleration then restart your browser. If that does not work please send us a note or let us know in Discord.

How do I move?

DESKTOP/LAPTOP: Dovey controls are exactly the same as any video game. Use W to move forward, S to move backward, A and D to move left and right.
Use Q and E to snap turn 45 degrees to the left and right.
Hold Shift to 'run'.
G will toggle fly mode - but don't fly off too far!!!

Use the joysticks in the bottom left and right corners of your screen. If Joysticks are not on, you can enable them in More > Preferences Controls. You may need to refresh the date for this change to appear.

Does my date link ever expire?

No! Once your date link is sent to you it will never expire. As long as you have your link you will be able to access your date at anytime.

What are the activities we can do on our date?

Along with exploring a virtual world there are intimate questions, interactive activities, challenges, and games. On your date you can take selfies, draw, and video/text chat.

How do I go on a date?

You can use any desktop, laptop, tablet, VR headset or mobile device to access your date. Our dates feature spatial audio so use headphones for the best audio experience. We highly recommend a desktop or laptop with Firefox or Chrome, but they are not required.

What device should I use for the dates?

The dates work on mobile devices but we recommend a laptop with headphones for the best experience.

Can I do a date in VR?

Yes! We recommend the Firefox browser for using dovey in VR headsets.

Is there an age restriction?

There are no age restrictions for dates. Our dates are created for all ages. However, we do recommend anyone under the age of 18 have parental approval before going on one of our virtual dates.