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Download the dovey app to get more dates & hangouts. Click here to download the app or search for dovey in the Apple or Android App Store.

If you love the dovey dates you're going to love the dovey app.
Not only does the dovey app have more dates and hangouts - with the dovey app everyday you get a new prompt to react to!
Prompts are questions, videos, memes, trivia, you never quite know what you'll be reacting to with your s/o and friends.

Here is how the dovey app works:

• React to daily prompts. Questions, videos, memes, trivia and more. You never quite know what you’ll be reacting to!

• Private, authentic voice chats between you and your favorite people.

• Hear a familiar voice throughout your busy day. (warning - might make you smile in public)

• Share your favorite voice messages with friends or to your public story.

• Save your favorite messages so you can listen back whenever you want.

• Some days, the prompts come with a unique challenge.

• Take your significant other out on a virtual date.

• Hangout with up to 16 friends exploring new virtual worlds.

Download the dovey app!

• dovey isn’t another doom scroll app.
• dovey only takes a few minutes each day.
• dovey takes those few minutes and turns it into quality time with your favorite people.
• dovey can make you smile a lot in public (sorry).
• dovey can ease the stress of keeping up with your relationships.
• dovey can make it obvious how you’re really feeling at the time of recording.
• dovey is private and secure. Your messages are safe and encrypted.

If you got this far, you’re the best! Let’s dovey!

Couples love dovey.

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More Dates & Hangouts
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