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Pathfinder Date

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The Pathfinder Date is an elaborate game where you and your partner will help each other through a series of obstacles. This date will challenge your sense of direction and communication skills in order to make it to the end!


  • Elaborate Couples Challenge
  • Couples Questions
  • Take Selfies with your significant other

Dovey works on every device and does not require an app. After you check out, a link will be sent to your email. Click the link when you want to start your date and don't forget to share your link with your partner.

👉  For the best date experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop with headphones.

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Pathfinder Date
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"I enjoyed that we got to work together as a team. The questions were also intimate and allowed for thoughtful answers."
Verified Review
"It was really fun and relaxing after a long day. We talked about other stuff and did the date with it so it was really well put together."
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"He plays video games, and I don't, so he had to help me figure out how to move! So funny. And the questions were perfectly sweet to pair with it. We had a great time."
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"Trying to give each other instructions made us both laugh a lot!"
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"I enjoyed the questions that allowed me to learn more from her. We've been dating for well over a year, and I'm surprised how much I learned about what we have in common!"
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