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Sushi in Tokyo Date

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Travel to the streets of Tokyo for an epic day of exploring and all you can eat sushi! And we're talking the real deal. Not that grocery store nonsense. This is a dovey date after all. We've also recreated the iconic Hozomon Gate, which is the perfect spot for a selfie.


  • Japanese Zodiacs
  • Sushi at Hozomon Gate
  • Selfie Station
  • Wishing Well
  • Couples Questions

Dovey works on every device and does not require an app. After you check out a link will be sent to your email. Click the link when you want to start your game, don't forget to share the link with your partner and friends.

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Couples love dovey.

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Sushi in Tokyo Date
out of 5!
I loved it more anything. It was truly an experience that brought us together.
Verified Review
I love that I had someone I really love in here and that he surprised me with this because it was the best.
Verified Review
The making sushi and the place and scenery in general.
Verified Review
The questions are always fun.
Verified Review
We've got a whole new set of questions to answer and a lovely scenery to compliment the sushi date. I'm Japanese and this one's very dear to me.
Verified Review

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